New Payments Option for Creators in Clubhouse


The clubhouse quickly expands creators’ access to payments, which is the platform’s first revenue-generating feature. This is being tested with a small group of people, but they say it ultimately be rolled out to a larger audience. The audio-based social network business clubhouse said that sending money via the app would incur a small card processing charge from digital payment firm Stripe.

Clubhouse's new direct payments let you toss a coin to creators, and they  get 100 percent - The Verge

If you are a creator and have this feature activated on your profile, visitors will see a ‘Send Money’ button when they visit your profile. That’s a rapid rate of growth for an app that’s now facing competition on all sides. Club added a monetization function to the site for its developers, but it will not make any money from it.

They click on it, enter their credit card information, and submit payment to you, the maker. The clubhouse will be able to maintain its top developers better if payments are made more quickly available. Otherwise, they can entice to leave for a competing app with a larger audience. The payments feature will be available to a small test group first, then gradually rolled out to other users.

According to Clubhouse, 100 percent of this payment goes to the developer, and the sender will be charged credit card fees. According to co-founder Davison, developers will receive the maximum amount users submit, while transaction fees will go to Stripe to cover payment processing fees. Before newcomers can access the San Francisco-based app, which allows people to meet in audio chatrooms to discuss various subjects, they must be invited by current users.

This feature is exciting. They’re all working on Clubhouse versions, particularly at a time when Twitter and LinkedIn. And after last week, Facebook officially began testing its own Hotline product, Clubhouse. It’s called Hotline, and it’s a mash-up of some sort between Clubhouse and other Instagram Live. Clubhouse team members are not supposed to give the users pay for themselves, even though the feature includes their profiles.

In such cases where the company did not benefit from contributions or tips to developers using the application, Apple made an exception several years earlier in respect to its Commissions regarding in-app purchases. That is why Clubhouse emphasised that it does not currently reduce creator income and why it stressed that the company does not retain donations.


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