Are You a Writer in Pinterest – Follow Some Easy Tip


Pinterest is among the quick growing social network where users are known to post images and links into a virtual pin board. It lets an individual organize and share all types of beautiful things. They may be either self creative or downloaded from the internet.


Pinterest is generally used to plan weddings, decorate homes and organize favorite recipes. Even it has been possible to browse pin boards that have been created by other people in order to discover new things.

Top 10 Pinterest Tips for Writers


In case you are planning to learn the use of Pinterest, then it is really an appreciating matter. Below are top 10 Pinterest tips for writers which can be hoped to be interesting:

Create and Pin more books 


It is a good practice to post favorite books by adding images of all books preferred by you on the personal page. You may expect to have more than one boards fully devoted to your books. It will be better to avoid the impression of promoting the profile and follow the rules of site instead.

Follow Other Writers


In order to know more, you may find and follow other writers on Pinterest. It will be good to utilize a board of clothing, scenes, characters and research for putting a good impression.

Inspiration to Others


The board associated with Pinterest is similar to a high school locker. It is hoped that everybody remembers the same. It is famous for reflecting the readers the things that interest and inspire an individual along with the work compiled at present.

Try the Recommendations

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For further development, you may give a try to the recommendations published in the books. Also the comments on the boards related to Film, Books and Music are valuable.

Share from Gift’s section


In case you are a bit innovative along with being open-hearted, then you must have gone through the “Gifts” section. From this section you may share items like books, stationery, journals and other writing tools with others. This will provide an exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Use Pinterest Hashtags 


In order to have a better grip, usage of hash tags and keywords is preferred. This will let you find some new Pinterest followers. Search done for other pins and boards with the help of hash tags will let you find similar brands to follow.

Add Pinterest to Bookmarks


Adding of Pinterest on the bookmarks bar will let you save lots of time. You will be able to pin things easily while browsing without going to the website of Pinterest. You may drag the Pin it button to the browser toolbar.

Comment on the Pin’s Source

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In case you notice that the pin has not been sourced correctly, then feel free to leave a comment. By viewing the same the original pinner may be able to update the source easily. Original source is always preferable to a secondary source.

Tag other PinnersuauUiEwSxV_1393298489988

It has been easy to tag other users related to Pinterest by using the@ symbol along with the Pinterest user name. For this purpose, it is good to follow at least one board. This will assist in promoting each other.

Link Pinterest to other Accounts


Finally, it is all about cross posting the accounts of Twitter and Facebook. You may put a click on the option “Publish activity to Facebook Timeline”.


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