World economic forum teams up with Telengana industries to supply medicines through drones

World Economic Forum Teams Up With Telangana Government To Deliver Medical Supplies Through Drones 

Telangana Industries and IT Minister KT Rama Rao have teamed up with the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution...
Instagram testing to hide likes and views from users

Instagram Tests On Hiding Number Of Likes Received For Posts

Facebook-owned Instagram has announced on Wednesday that it has been testing hiding of likes for the posts of users in seven countries.
Celebrating 50th anniversary of Moon landing

#Remembering Moon Landing: One Small Step For [A] Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind  

“...Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six,..... ignition sequence starts Three, Two, One, Zero. Engine running liftoff.” An esteemed, proud American...


spotify-Ishaan Khattar-Anil Kapoor

Spotify Ropes in Anil Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar for their latest TV campaign

There’s a song for every mood and occasion seems to the highlight of the first television ad by Swedish audio streaming platform Spotify which...
Hotstar case study

How Hotstar’s #KoiYaarNahiFar Campaign helped them reach 300+ million viewers during IPL

Hotstar says it had 18.6 million concurrent viewers streaming the final between Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians. This was the...
Shot-on-OnePlus-7-Pro-Sacred Games

OnePlus partnered with Netflix’s Sacred Games for ‘Shot On’ campaign

"Shot on" has become the latest trend in smartphone marketing. The latest example is smartphone brand OnePlus; the brand has just partnered...





social media

Inspired or Copied? The Thin Line that Crossed Often on Social Media

Social Media is all about engaging with existing followers and attract new ones. In pursuit of that social media agencies and brands...

#SocialMediaReacts to #PulwanaAttack, Seeking strong action from the Government

Nearly 40 brave Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed and many others injured when terrorists targeted a convoy with a...

Experts View: Digital Marketing Trends You Will See In 2019

In this technology-driven world, our day starts with E-Newsletters, Emails, Social media pages, Group Chats and ends on the same note. We...

#SocialMediaReacts on Zomato food tempering Video

A video of a Zomato delivery executive consuming some of the food meant for delivery to a user is making rounds on the internet. The...

26/11 Mumbai Attacks: Reminiscent of the ghost of the past events

10years have been passed but still not forgotten the nightmare and agony faced by the Mumbaikars and the foreign, victims of 26/11 attacks in...