Never Late to Unlearn Discrimination: A Chimp&z Inc Initiative


March 1st is world Zero Discrimination Day, a day where we learn to accept diversity and oppose all kinds of discriminative behaviour.

Chimp&z Inc took a creative route to explain ingrained discriminative behaviours that we, as humans, might have learnt unknowingly. The campaign #NeverLateToUnlearn, calls out such behaviour and urges people to unlearn the stereotypes. The objective of the campaign was to make people aware of their behaviour and statements they make that are discriminative in nature.

The insight being that most of our discriminative behaviour is voluntarily or involuntarily learnt from the situations we’ve faced. The execution method showcased a mix and match of voices aimed to highlight the source of discrimination rather than the outlet. Symbolizing how most of our behaviour is acquired from others, we swapped the voices to their potential sources.

Lavinn Rajpal, Managing Director & Co-founder of Chimp&z Inc said, “While we have evolved to leave behind and call out extreme discriminative behaviour, there are still some subtle unaddressed behaviour traits that society has adopted unintentionally. We want people to not only embrace their individuality but also learn the art of acceptance. While our creative route is a metaphorical representation of unconsciously accepting discrimination, our message is a clear statement, #NeverLateToUnlearn. Let’s identify discriminatory behaviour in our day-to-day lives and unlearn them.”

Taking a conscious step to unlearning some habits that have been imbibed in us through casual discrimination, can go a long way in creating a world full of love, tolerance, and acceptance.


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