Love comes in many colors – as showcased in this Valentine’s Film by ColorPlus.


Love is in the air, but what if your Valentine isn’t exactly speaking to you? Take a look at this Valentine’s Day film by ColorPlus for cues. The short digital film showcases how an upset wife keeps leaving notes in her husband’s shirt pocket – and he obliges to her demands. Soon, her notes become their only mode of communication until she discovers his little secret.

The film tries to encapsulate the essence of true love, which isn’t always hunky-dory. It takes perseverance and hard work to make any relationship work.

Speaking about the campaign, Sheetal Seth, Head Marketing & Digital, ColorPlus, said “This Valentine’s Day, we endeavored to celebrate a slice of life moment commonly experienced by couples. With the widest range of Colors to choose from at ColorPlus outlets, we needed fresh storytelling to put forth our Color story. Our insight – love has many Colors. Sometimes men don’t express themselves the right way, and we wanted to bring out this softer side in an engaging manner and there’s no better occasion for this than Valentine’s Day.”

Talking about the campaign, Vivek Bhambhani, Group Creative Director, Grey India says, “The color of love isn’t just red as Valentine’s Day would like us to believe. Love has many shades. A relationship could be bright and cheery one minute, and feeling blue the next. So, we didn’t want to do a typical lovey-dovey film. We wanted to capture the other shades of love – like in the midst of a fight and how, in the end, true love triumphs. Now, the critical element to fixing any relationship issue is communication. And that’s what the little notes dropped in ColorPlus shirt pockets help achieve in this film.”


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