Why is marketing during the recession important for brands?


The world of business is changing at breakneck speed. In this ever-changing climate, brands are under tremendous pressure to adapt and grow, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: the importance of marketing to achieve success. Marketing during a recession can help you stay ahead of your competitors, expand your market share and increase brand awareness among consumers.

Marketing is the key to staying at the top of consumer minds in spite of economic volatility

  • Marketing is the key to staying at the top of consumer minds in spite of economic volatility.
  • Marketing is a vital tool for companies to grow their business.
  • Marketing is a vital tool for companies to stay relevant, competitive and robust in the marketplace.

1. Understand your customers and their needs

You first need to understand your customers’ needs and how you can meet them. This means understanding what they want from a product, why they buy from you, how they think and how they are different from other customers.

For example, if a customer buys an electric car because they want to reduce the cost of fuel for their vehicle but doesn’t mind spending more money on maintenance costs than regular cars because it’s environmentally friendly (and therefore reduces emissions), then this type of customer would be considered “green” in nature!

2. Expand your market share

When you expand your market share, you’re increasing the number of customers buying from you. This is important because it means that you’re reaching more people with your products or services and thus making them more likely to keep buying from you in the future.

Suppose a company has 100 per cent of its sales coming from one region and 10 per cent each from two other areas. Expanding into new markets will give them access to customers who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in what they offer—and thus could mean more sales overall!

3. Increase brand awareness

Brand awareness is the most critical aspect of marketing during a recession. It can help you gain and retain new customers, increasing sales and profits.

The main reason why brand awareness is critical is that it helps you stand out from competitors who may be offering similar services or products at a lower price point.

4. Stay flexible

In a downturn, adaptability is key to staying competitive in the market. You need to use a mix of channels and tactics that allow you to respond quickly as the economy changes and your customers’ needs change. If one channel isn’t working well anymore, it’s time for another one!

5. Keep an eye on your competitors

You should keep an eye on your competitors. This is not only to make sure they don’t steal your customers, but also to ensure that you don’t let them get ahead of you in terms of marketing campaigns. If a competitor has launched a new product, it may be time for yours as well. Don’t let the other brand take over your market share by stealing all of its customers away!


It’s important to remember that your customers are always looking for new ways to spend their money. If you can keep up with them and provide them with the things they want, then you will have a solid chance of succeeding in marketing amidst this environment of recession.


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