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Top Counts section in Whizsky is a comprehensive list of articles about various topics in the field of social media presented in a very unique and naive manner. Here we give the most fascinating articles in listing manner, this means all the articles in this section have a collection of top or the best list of a particular topic.

10 future technology predictions that etches a 22 century

A Time Capsule- 10 Future Technology Predictions That Etches 22-Century

Sounds like future technology is just a blink away. And it seems like industrial technocrats are opening a time capsule filled with...
10 reasons why audience gets annoyed of your social media content

10 Reasons Why Audience Gets Annoyed Of Your Social Media Content

The commonly heard cliche about content- be it a social media content or blog content is referred to as “King”. Every marketer...
6 benefits of using PPC marketing in your small or big business

6 Benefits Of Using PPC Marketing In Your Small Or Big Business

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the essential components in the digital marketing business, regardless of how small or big your business is....
7 business ideas to mint extra money after your 9 to 5 job

Side Gig’s Mantra- 7 Business Ideas To Mint Extra Money After Your 9 to...

A substantial paycheck and handsome of clientele for your 9 to 5 routine is pretty good- makes your financial status stable, until...
Top 10 mobile wallets in India

Top 10 Mobile Wallets In India Trending For Cashless Transactions And Cashback

Mobile wallets are shopping sprees magical wallets. They have evolved faster than we imagined. You leave your wallet...
Top 10 news apps in India

Top 10 Free News Apps In India – 2019

“The window to the world can be covered by a newspaper.”- Stanislaw Plain-spoken. Be it...
7 Watchful Mistakes To Stop Your Startup Getting Crippled

7 Watchful Mistakes To Stop Your Startup Getting Crippled

“Once upon a time there was a startup shattered into pieces and remained unobserved.” How terrifying to...
5 revealing facts on why podcasting is still an essence to your business

5 Revealing Facts On Why Podcasting Is Still An Essence For Your Business

Podcasting is not new to the business but became a business-speak these days, especially in the online market. A podcast is not...
10 best inspiring YouTube Channels For Entrepreneurs to subscribe

10 Best Inspiring YouTube Channels For Entrepreneur To Subscribe

Are you Entrepreneur of 50 plus or something workforce? Great, then you are an ideal boss who is proficient in running the...
The science of copywriting-How to get audience engage with the captions

The Science Of Copywriting- How To Get Audience Engage With The Captions

“There is your audience. There is the language. There are the words that they use.” – Eugene Schwartz
10 most googled digital marketing tools

10 Most Googled Digital Marketing Tools You Require To Start An Online Market

We are already in a digital world where we speak a language called ‘Digital’. Gone are the days where we cannot ignore...