Top 10 Pilot Training Courses in India

top 10 pilot training courses

Becoming a pilot is among the most celebrated professions in the world. In this article, I will take you through the top ten pilot training courses you can enroll in India. These training programs have been listed according to the scope of the course you cover, the overall cost that is invested in its completion, the flexibility of the course, the estimated duration of completion, and the employment opportunities you can get post-completion. Let’s dig into the list of some of the finest pilot training courses in the world.

1. Integrated ATPL and Cadet Pilot Program by HATS

Hercules Aviation Training School (HATS) has partnered with Aerocadet (Canada), to provide India’s first integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) program. This cadet training program is called FPAP-IND (Full Professional Airline Pilot – India). The entire program guarantees employment opportunities and is also the most affordable. The whole course cost 49.5 lacs, but it aims at transforming a fresher into an ATPL holder. This program tops our list due to many reasons. Firstly it is India’s first fully integrated ATPL training program. Secondly, the faculty consists of veteran pilots of the Indian Air Force (IAF) with over 30 years of experience. The program also guarantees 100% placement, which is hard to deliver in this industry. The entire cadet program is divided into eight phases. For detailed information on this training program, click here.

2. Indigo Cadet Pilot Program – L3HARRIS

Indigo Cadet Pilot Program has been delivering pilot training for the past 37 years, making it the oldest cadet pilot program with an assured job opportunity. It is a high-quality training program that aims at making aspirants the First Officer with Indigo Airlines. In this partnership with L3HARRIS, the conversion from FAA license to Indian citizens is done in India at a training centre approved by Indigo. For detailed FAQs, click here.  The overall cost of the cadet program ranges between 1.1 to 1.2 crores, and the duration for training is longer in comparison to other training programs. The course is divided into four phases. To know more about this training program, click here.

3. Commercial Pilot License – IGRUA

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, India. It has been known for its quality training and a good placement record. Considered as one of the finest aviation academies in India, IGRUA is, however, limited to providing CPL training. All the courses offered by IGRUA are duly approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Among its nine approved courses, the highly recommended one is ab-initio to Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) coupled with Instrument and Multi-Engine Endorsement along with an option for BSc (Aviation) degree. This training program is rewarded with the third position due to its limitation in the field of aviation training. A pilot aiming to become an ATPL holder will have to look forward to other training programs. Apart from this, the cost of becoming a CPL holder is high in his program. The entire program costs between ₹42-45 lacs. For more information on the program, click here.

4. Air Asia Cadet Pilot Program

The AirAsia Multi-Crew Pilot License (AirAsia MPL) Program is a training program designed for Air Asia. Aspiring pilots enroll for this program to earn a Multi-Purpose Pilot Licence with frozen ATPL. They aspire to become co-pilot on Airbus A320 aircraft. The course is divided into two parts, ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Training and MPL Program, which is further divided into four phases. To know more about the training program, click here.

5. IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program – CAE

CAE has partnered with IndiGo for the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program. The training for selected pilots happens in CAE/NFTI, Gondia, in India. If you are an individual with no prior flying experience, then this program can provide you CPL, UPRT, and an Airbus 320 Type Rating with CAE before you go on to fly as an A320 First Officer with IndiGo. The entire program is divided into three phases, namely, Ground Theory & Flight Training, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT), and Type Rating. The program is reasonable when it comes to providing CPL with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). The cost of doing it in India is ₹ 40 lacs with a 15% service tax. Apart from this, the cost of Upset Prevention and Recovery training is USD 5900, and for Airbus A320 Type Rating is USD 37,195. The above-mentioned cost does not include the cost of medical certificates, food, and accommodation, visa, transportation other than local. The total cost of the program is approximately 1-1.2 crores. To know more about this program, click here.

6. Spicejet Cadet Pilot Program

Spicejet Cadet Pilot Program aims at creating pilots for SpiceJet aircraft and therefore post-course completion provides you with an assured job in the aviation industry with SpiceJet. The program has specifically laid down its eligibility criteria. Even the selection process for the same is divided into four phases. 10+2 students have the chance of finishing graduation along with the cadet pilot program. Spicejet has partnered with Amity University to provide graduation to students opting for BBA. Similarly, graduates can also opt for the Cadet Pilot Program with an added MBA degree with Amity University. This dual degree program helps in transcending seamlessly into management roles.  The cost of the program is on the higher end. The entire program is estimated to cost around 90 lacs. Due to the substantial cost involved, the program offers scholarship categories to aspirants based on merit. To know more about the program, click here.

7. Commercial Pilot License – Gujarat Flying Club

Gujarat Flying Club is a 20-year-old institution committed towards providing Flying Training in India. The club has been approved by the DGCA and provides an incredible flying training for aspiring students and flying enthusiasts. The club offers CPL in three different categories, namely, Only CPL, CPL with Instrument Rating (IR), and CPL with ME+IR. To know more about this program, click here.

8. Commercial Pilot License – Bombay Flying Club

Bombay Flying Club is the birthplace of aviation in India. The club has been playing a leading role in the history of Indian aviation since 1928. The club is renowned for its professionalism. The first person to obtain a pilot’s license from this Flying Club was Lt. Mr. J.R.D Tata, also known as the father of Indian aviation. A CPL holder can act as a Pilot in Command of any aircraft endorsed on his/her license. Besides being one of the most reputed flying clubs in India, the training offered here is rather slow. For more information on course structure and other information, click here.

9. Commercial Pilot License – Asia Pacific Flight Training

Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy Limited (APFTAL), is located at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), Hyderabad, and is known for providing world-class integrated flying and ground training to aspirants. This academy offers CPL with MER and IR. The academy has three to four aircrafts only. The limited number of aircrafts narrows the freedom of a wider choice. The duration of the course is around 18 months, which is longer in comparison to certain other programs discussed here and is also at a costlier end. For more information on the course, click here.

10. Commercial Pilot License – Carver Aviation

Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt. Ltd. (ACAPL) is an esteemed flying school in India that has received ISO 9001-2008 certification and is also DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. Of India) approved. ACAPL aims at completing the CPL program in 12 months. On successful completion of the program, the pilots can apply for employment with commercial airlines (domestic or international), charter companies, and corporate. To know more about this program, click here.

These were the top ten pilot training courses in India. Many other courses have not been covered here. Share your views on your favorite pilot training course in the comment section below.


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