5 Awesome Tools to make your Entrepreneurship Journey Easier


Journey to become a successful entrepreneur is not easy there is too much handle at the same time. But thanks to some well thought out tools available, some of your daily life responsibilities like lead management, inventory management, and workflow monitoring can be taken care of without many efforts so here is our list of tools to help marketers save time and get more done.

#1 TrendKite

TrendKite’s PR Attribution capability helps marketers to determine key content and publications that are driving traffic to your company website. This tool can power your PR strategy with its intelligent communication platform. It can Measure PR’s brand and bottom line impact with tangible, cutting-edge PR Analytics. Here are some of the features that can help you.

  • Campaign Management
  • Press Monitoring
  • PR Reporting
  • Article Impact
  • Readership
  • Headlines and Featured Articles
  • Data Visualization

#2 Zuant

Zuant is a lead capture platform built for iOS. It can be configured to accommodate a wide range of lead capture requirements. This is a great tool for managers, sales, and marketing executives to qualify, capture, and follow-up on leads at tradeshows, events, and exhibitions. Here are few features of Zuant:

  • Customizable ‘thank you’ emails
  • Barcode & NFC scanning
  • Offline access
  • Real-time reporting
  • Third Party Integration
  • Drag & drop integrations
  • Data manipulation
  • Lead data capture & transfer
  • Lead distribution

#3 Trello

Trello is a free project management tool that helps you to collaborate with your team. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. It is a great tool for teamwork as it allows everybody to be on the same page.

#4 inFlow


inFlow software is an all-in-one inventory management solution designed to track products, sales, and customers. Their aim is to help SMB’s to save time and stay organized with their inventory, orders, and customers.

The solution is used by a variety of businesses, including retailers, wholesalers, e-commerce companies, government agencies and healthcare firms.

#5 Typeform

Typeform is free service you can use to create awesome looking surveys. We all use online forms to get feedback from our readers, listeners, and customers. Unfortunately, boring surveys are likely to be ignored, which makes it harder for you to know if you’re going in the right direction.

Typeform’s beautiful, clear, and mobile-friendly surveys can help you get the valuable feedback you need, without extra effort.




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