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Top 10 Twitter Analytics Tools in 2019

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Twitter is considered as one of the most powerful marketing tools for business. The Twitter allows a platform for the businesses to share updates and latest news to their current customers or maybe for new customers. It also helps in engaging with the customers, by providing a good communication network. By using Twitter, you can reach the audience throughout the world in just a few minutes. There are not one or two things that can be done through Twitter but can be done plenty some of the actions. So, a tool is required to manage all of those actions. These tools are nothing but called as Twitter analytics tools. These analytics tools manage your actions on Twitter. It tracks the data on the people who follow you, the number of tweets using various Twitter metrics. It analyses the data and measures your performance based on the tweets. There are an abundant amount of twitter analytic tools available in the market. In these many analytic tools, we provide you a list of top 10 Twitter analytics tools.

Top 10 Twitter Analytics Tools:

# Twitter Counter:

This tool analyses the follower growth in the twitter. It helps the user to monitor the twitter volume and follower growth against their competitors. It also estimates how many followers you can grow if the performance is high based on previous weeks. It gives a clear overview and graph of the twitter statistics. It also advises the best timings to post your tweets for better engagement and growth of the followers based on your previous tweets and engagement results. It spots trends and changes in your follower growth and provides reports through graphs.

#2 Mentionmapp:

Mentionmapp analytic tool is a great social network analysis that helps you understand and identify what all you are missing to develop the growth of your business through twitter. It consists of Twitter network visualization analytic tool that visualize and explore interactions and find new hashtags and followers. It builds a visual map of hashtags and username mentions based on the people with whom you have been engaging more.

#3 Simply Measured:

This is a social analytics that grows your business results. It provides a platform to explore and report on your own and your competitors’ performance. It allows you to understand your brand awareness. It determines the engagement and traffic yielded from the campaigns you have generated. You can discover how to improve your posts by identifying the content and strategies that make you stand ahead of your competitors.it measures your twitter traffic.

#4 Twitonomy:

It is one of the best Twitter analytics tools. It provides a detailed and visual analytics on one’s tweets, retweets, mentions, hashtags and many more. You can also browse and get insights into the people who follow you and those people who you follow. You can track your follower growth over time through this tool. This allows you to monitor your interactions with your followers. It is a great social media tracking, analytics and measuring tool.

#5 HootSuite:

The HootSuite is a tool which is mostly used by social media experts to manage their accounts. This management tool manages social accounts like twitter, facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. It is the best tool that provides the user with the tracking of follower engagement. It is both free and paid version. The paid version has many advantages other than the free one. The paid versions allow the user to connect the data to Google analytics. With HootSuite, you can get a complete overview of your key metrics, create unlimited real-time reports, measure team performance, in which you can learn how long does your team is taking to respond and resolve the tweets, direct messages and more.

#6 SocialOomph:

It boosts your social media productivity and monitors the social media activity. The features of the Socialoomph consists of scheduling tweets, track keywords, save and reuse drafts that save hours of typing. It also helps in finding quality people to follow. It provides both free and paid version each providing its own features effectively. The tracking of twitter account is made easy by this tool.

#7 Buffer:

The buffer offers a simple way when it comes to scheduling tweets when to posts and when not to. It allows you to know if the tweet of yours has been accessed or not. It tracks the analytics of a number of clicks, retweets, mentions, and favorites. The other advantage is it manages all of your social accounts, not just Twitter and analyze the performance. The analyzing performance tracks engagement and interactions and offers the reports in which you can see how your content is been performing of all your social accounts.

#8 Twitter Analytics:

The Twitter analytics tool is from twitter itself. it measures and boosts ups your business by analyzing the data through your twitter account. It is considered as the best tool for boosting the engagement with your audience. It is convenient to use an easy to understand. It does save the time and effort when it comes to analytics. This tool gives you the report of your activity while providing guidance to your top followers, tweets and more.

#9 Tweet Binder:

It works with not only Twitter but also with Instagram to create customized analytics reports for the business. The Tweet Binders also identifies influencer accounts for the users to engage with them. Tweet binder also offers event services like campaigns and get analytics reports for those campaigns. It analyses your tweets in real time and provides the live report. Not only live report but also gives last months reports and historical reports through infographics. Tweet Binder lets the users analyze anything you need to with no limit of tweets nor time.

#10 AgoraPulse:

The AgoraPulse is one of the top recommended tool. It has many good features that have made it as one of the top tools. The AgoraPulse supports social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedln. It consists of advanced tools that make the user’s work easier. It helps to harness the social media content and allows engagement with the targeted audience. It is a perfect management tool for the people having small business. It is a paid analytical tool which allows the users to know where the user can stand against their competitors. It also allows users to download unlimited & customizable reports and measures everything. You can reach, engage with your customers and make a report on your customer response rate, conversion rate, community growth. You can see the report data from last 30 days or week etc.

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