Top 11 Useful Professional Networking Platform Alternatives To LinkedIn


Once upon a time, our people used to count on classifieds for jobs. The demand for classifieds is humongous. I am talking about the days were only wired phones and out of the common ‘computer’ gizmos used. It is the only source back those days for job seekers chasing for jobs and companies hunting for employees with no alternatives as a source.

Okay, now let’s talk about the present day digital drama which we are hooked on every fraction of second. The rise of the digital planet is immeasurable and unavoidable. Individuals widely depend on the digital space for even petty things. The employment ratio is proportional to that of the rising market. Many platforms evolved to solve the job-hunt problems just by one tap on your screen.

LinkedIn is one such platform for jobs of all sizes. I would say, LinkedIn is a digital classified or a Rolodex. The platform is a hub that connects every nook and corner for various reasons. LinkedIn has over 500 million users in its base and is the world’s largest professional networking platform used in more than 200 countries.

The only large networking site I feel that carries a professional content and though it’s quite lifeless and does not contain the entertainment gossips like other social networking sites, we cannot avoid it even if we want to. LinkedIn is the business and employment centered service that bridges companies and job seekers.

Like LinkedIn, they are other networking sites that can be relied on for the job or other business purposes which is a kind of alternative resource to make a fast move in finding jobs. So, here’s is the list of top 11 resourceful professional networking alternatives to LinkedIn.

1. Reddit

Reddit is not only the source of many-a-meme, but it’s also more than what an average user can imagine about. It hosts a massive stretch of micro-communities that includes r/PPC and r/SEO. Reddit is free for communities and the public to read the updates.

2. Meetup

Meetup is a platform that provides services to organize online groups that host events for people with a similar interest. It is the perfect networking platform not only for online but also offline discussions and meetings. This networking site gives you updates on upcoming events so that you can attend the events or meetings.

Meetup is free to use and holds nearly 15.92 million members across 196 countries.

3. Twitter conversational threads

How can Twitter be? This is the first question that strikes our mind. Unfortunately, yes. Twitter is not only a message centered or hashtags, but it also got a useful side for job seekers. It is the next best alternative after LinkedIn. Twitter is the open forum where with the help of hashtags and keywords one can communicate and have meetups with the people of the same firm as yours.

4. Facebook Groups

Facebook is a sole multi-purpose networking site. The social media monarch has several groups dedicated to sharing professional knowledge and experiences. Moreover, your mutual friends also help you to explore the professional network. Pretty cool!

5. Sumry

Sumry is a web application that builds resumes and portfolios. It enables a member to aggregate certifications, skills, and work experience. Sumry is easy to apply with a click on your profile and a PDF of your resume.

6. Lunchmeet

Lunchmeet is a mobile application that identifies local professionals with similar interests. The app is a unique approach that recognizes local professionals to meet for coffee or lunch. All you need to do is to set up your availability for a spur-of-the-moment meeting.

7. Xing

Xing is considered as one of the biggest rivals of LinkedIn. It enables a user to find employment, suggestions and more. The networking site has over 14 million members across 200 countries and is available in several languages- French, Spanish, German, Italian and more. The platform is more popular in European countries.

8. Bark

Bark connects local professionals with the people who require their services. After signing in the site, it will reach to the professionals in your area and updates you with the details.

9. Jobcase

Jobcase assists you in building a portfolio that illustrates your educational details and work experience along with the work conditions and compensations. It is free to use by signing up or connecting through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google.

10. Quora

Ask any question Quora gives you the answers instantly. Quora is the best site if you feel the right choice for you to network with similar thinking people. It is a one-stop shop for the business owners to find solutions like strategies on how to run business, partnerships, training individuals and so on.


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