6 Striking Web Design Trends for 2022

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2020 is just around the corner. Which means you need to update yourself with the trends that’ll make your site look better than the herd. But don’t you worry, there aren’t a lot of changes that need to be done.

Let’s look at some of the most stunning web design trends that we think will be trending the internet:

  1. Minimalist
  2. Adaptive Design
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Dynamic Illustrations
  5. Voice UI
  6. 3D Designs

#1 Minimalist

“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

A lot of people in the design industry have a firm belief that the future belongs in being minimalist. Gone are the days when “over the top” used to be the thing! People in the industry expect a stripped-back approach in the coming year. Being minimalist when it comes to web design means a lot of things to different people in the industry, but at the core, it simply means keeping the focus on the content while keeping rest of the space white clean, while no other element distracts the user & providing the content with a lot of space, which in turn will also increase the speed of the site.

#2 Adaptive Design

“The Key To Success Is Often The Ability To Adap”

– Anthony Brandt

This has to be on the list as it’s definitely will be going on top priority for web designers in 2020.  The basic concept of having an adaptive design is being able to make an attractive looking site that can adjust in every type of screen, be it a system, a smartphone or a tablet. The main focus will most definitely be on smartphones as most of the internet users at this moment and in future are going to be on a handheld device.

#3 Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence Is A Tool, Not a Threat”

– Rodney Brooks

Even in 2019, we can feel the impact of AI on different industries, and when it comes to the design industry, it isn’t any different. For example, Advanced machine learning will help UI developers grab user details based on what they have been searching on the internet. The idea of Artificial design intelligence that allows the web designers to automate the web UI of their sites making them work more efficiently. Don’t forget the integration of chatbots that we are beginning to see these days, you can witness them provide incredible support throughout the day. Sure they lack the ability to feel our emotion right now, but good things come in time. For now, let’s focus on what we need them to do which they have been doing pretty well.

#4 Dynamic illustration

“Be Dynamic, just like life. Innovate. Create. Explore. Never become stagnant.”

– Akin Olokun

The dynamic illustration can help the expected users to learn how to use the site better than what they have been doing. This makes it easy for brands to let users navigate through their website in the most optimum way. If you take an e-commerce site as an example, they can potently use the illustrations as a demo for users to show how they can select a product & then move onto the checkout page. The more fun the site would make you feel the better the UX or user experience is going to be and that, should definitely be the goal for any site.

#5 Voice UI

“Voice Is The Most Perfect Instrument Of All”

With the introduction of multiple voice assistants for mobile OS like Google Now, Cortana, Siri & other services like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, it’s pretty clear that people prefer to get things done by talking directly and getting the solution, instead of taking the time to write a question from their keyboards. WebMasters can clearly take advantage of this and implement some sort of Voice user interface into their sites that can ease the users to get the answers they are looking for. This can increase the efficiency to deliver the content in such a way that might not be possible or would take up a lot of space if used in the form of written content.

#6 3D Designs

“Design is Intelligence Made Visible”

Alina Wheeler

This one particularly might not be a new trend but it hasn’t been implemented enough around the internet. The main focus when it comes to 3D Designs will be on Parallax Scrolling Technique, where the background is made to move at a different speed while the user is scrolling through the site. This creates a 3D effect that is visually appealing. It hasn’t been used in the past as compared to other trends that can be implemented easily into the site without investing a lot of money, being expensive has made this a technique only accessible to limited designers. But there might be a possibility of price drops in coming times. Other than parallax scrolling you can always add in some 3D models of your products or service.


There is no doubt theses are just handful of suggestions that we believe are going to be the trends for Web designs in 2020, there are a lot more options, and there is always the possibility that something new can hit the charts real fast, as with Internet there is nothing that predictable. Just keep an eye on these particular ones and you can be ahead of the curve.

Let us know what you have in mind about these suggestions, and don’t forget to tell us any other trend that you might think will be on top next year.


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