10 Eye-Catching Marketing Words That Can Boost Or Repel Your Business

10 eyecatching marketing words that can boost or repel your business

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” -Rudyard Kipling


In how many ways you can permutate ABCD……Z? Many ways. These letters can be permuted into beautiful words, right. The power of attracting people lies beneath the words. Words are the perfect expression to be a crowd-pleaser.

Similarly, to boost up your product market, eye-catching words are essential to your business. Marketing words should be like “Biggidi Baggdi Boom” spell that pulls the audience to your market. Your customers should be enchanted with the magic marketing words and make them stay under the spell.

Do you know what the famous eye-catching marketing words that can make or break your business in the market orbit are?

Swipe down to know the magical marketing spells.

10 Eye-Catching Marketing Words That Can Boost Or Repel Your Business

5 Magical marketing words to boost your business

1. Free- Santa’s gift

People or your customers love something free. To bring your customers back once again or to grab new customers, this is the best way to advertise.

2. Complimentary- Cherry on the top

Every marketer should add something complimentary to the product so that the customer loves to come back again. It may sound like Free but with a touch of sophistication.

3. Save- Knight in shining armor

It always encourages customers to feel curious about what can be bought at a lower price. Well, it works at the right time.

4. You- Makes you star of the show

You can be the star of…can win exciting offers. You..You… this is the best word so far to encourage people to grab the attention of people to words your marketing product.

5. Limited- Grabs in FOMO

The most popular brands use this marketing word to attract the crowd and encourage them to shop in a given limited time; otherwise, they miss the perfect sale.

5 Marketing Words that can repel your business

1. Hurry- Pushing too much

The commonly used marketing word in almost all markets. But ‘Hurry’ can deflate your business by not giving an effect to your brand.

2. Up to 25% right now- A useless scream

Group of coupon

It sometimes makes your brand advertising a little less. Customers feel like you are screaming by forcing them to buy your product.

3. Guaranteed- Is it for a lifetime?!

The cliched marketing word. We know nothing is guaranteed but still makes people believe that a product is guaranteed when it expires or damages within the few months of purchase.

4. Hassle-free- Contains hassle in it

No offense but this marketing word seems too dramatic to the customers. Instead of using this hyphenated word, go for something like “Easy” to make it simple and bright.

5. Unique- 100% anti-saving word

The wrong context to the marketing word I would say. It almost kills the brand image. Every marketer feels their product or brand is unique, so where’s the uniqueness in it.

Other magical marketing words a business can include-

  • Premium
  • Last chance
  • Get
  • Exclusive

What’s your eye-catching marketing words that boost or kills the brand? Do share your opinion with us.


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