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10 Reasons Why Audience Gets Annoyed Of Your Social Media Content

10 reasons why audience gets annoyed of your social media content
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The commonly heard cliche about content- be it a social media content or blog content is referred to as “King”. Every marketer believes that the content is always outstanding. We, as the social media content writers, tend to think that we write content picturing about audience and their interest in how social media content should be.

Do you think your content is reaching the audience or at least they like the content?

The audience are clueless in terms of marketing strategies. It is difficult to understand what they need and what the audience expects from us. Not every day, every minute we need to be alert on the trending details and what interests them to grab their attention to our websites. They do not hesitate to be blunt when they find something dull and lackluster.

Generally, it’s a human tendency to thumb scroll the content, whether its a blog or social media, reason, they feel quite uninspired of the lengthy words. Not everyone is interested in reading the content; most of them are concerned about the pictures and videos that can be instantly sharing the message instead of reading the whole thing.

The audience wants something which is thumb stopper to the scrolling, means content should be sensibly and witty attractive. But most of the marketing companies are not able to reach the intentions or interests of the audience regarding the social media content. Instead, it piques your audience more and eventually leaving the site with a bad reputation.

Do you have any idea on what reasons your audience gets annoyed? Let’s find out what are there; am apparent that these are the known unidentifiable errors you make while punching the keyboard and hitting post.

10 Reasons Why Your Audience Gets Annoyed Of Your Social Media Content

1. Too wordy or poor content

Human are error-prone, and it’s natural. Making grammatical errors is also an everyday happening while creating tons of content. But one thing should be remembered, and if the content is too wordy or poorly written, you are showing an exit from the website all by yourself.

Audience love to read content with clear, concise, and apt with the language. It is better to have a quality check member to read the content in the case to be safe and maybe a big help to edit the content.

2. A straight stale content

The most ordinary happenings in the marketing field are curating the created content. Flustered right. Let me make it simple. Brands in the industry, regardless of the various sizes, are intended to recreate the content or concepts from the other sites.

Suppose you are the 3rd or 4th to have the same piece of content then there is a chance to back from the content and your site. Since your page will be displayed globally, it looks lame, and the audience makes it a little worthy and feels you are an ape.

At least try to append your own opinions or sentences to the curated content to make it look fresh.

3. No images and videos- Not interested!

Audience till today enjoy reading when the content is either with a video or images or both more than the words. They do not see fun or inspired in reading your content even it is beautifully decked with words.

Make sure relatable images or videos are posted in the content to make it more attractive to the piece of it.

4. Promoting a product content that been bought earlier

A survey says that 17% of the people get easily frustrated because of watching the content of the product which you already bought. It is like, seeing a coupon again and again of an item after done with the purchase long back.

You should be careful in dealing with this kind of content, need to update with the latest one instead of turning a blind eye on it.

5. Not adapted to mobile, you do not exist then.

Nearly 20% of the audience are annoyed because some of the social media content not supported in mobile devices. Then there is a chance you do not exist in the content market. Mobile is the first reason to increase your market, then comes your desktops or other devices.

The audience tends to use mobiles to have a quick view of anything. Facebook indeed focuses on mobile-first by supporting any development for advertising. When Facebook can, why can’t you?

6. Lamely designed content

Most of the audience feel vexed if your creative content does not ensure any visual content. Not using a proper template or a low-quality visual format might crash your product. You create content to attract social media customers. So make sure it is done with some excellent templates.

7. Too many questions means too personalized

Some social media content annoys consumers with too much or survey or polls kind of content to know their opinion. To some extent, it is okay to take views of them but always disturbing them with the nonsense can have bad reviews and chance of blocking the page may be possible.

8. Talking cocky about the brand instead of talking about the issue

Some brands, instead of pointing out the trending issues, keep on bragging about their achievements in social media. This might make people think imperfect and unreal about the product. Instead, you need to promote the market by capturing the emotional senses of the people to think of the product.

9. Not talking the talk

This happens especially in the social media content or some of the site contents. Start of the issue and end of the issue should be relevant, but most of the content what is observed that initially, they talk about something and by the ending they communicate something with no relevance.

10. Same content to all the social networks

The forwarding of the same content in different social networks may annoy the customers or the audience. For example, if a product promoter is uploading the same creative in Facebook and forwarding to other social networks has the chance of losing followers to the social pages. Try to be more creative in different networks instead following the same creative till the end. You might have fewer likes and follows to the page.

I suppose that the above are everyday things you did in the social media content. So, try avoiding it and bring up some creative solutions to impress the traffic and to sustain in the market.

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