How to Choose Campaign Objectives on Twitter Ads?

Twitter Ads

Twitter has proven to be one of the most influential social media platforms over the last few years. That is why it’s the best platform to advertise your business. And twitter ads is equally beneficial for everyone; whether you are a small brand focusing on its growth, a major organization promoting its new products, or an influencer trying on the new trends.

To achieve your promotion’s marketing goals, you have to choose the right campaign objective, as each one is tailored to help you get different goals. The new method to select Twitter Ads objectives makes it easier for individuals to find the right campaign. Here are some essential tips that should help you find the right one.

For Awareness

Reach Campaign

Reach Campaign

If you are trying to build awareness about your brand, company or yourself as an influencer, select Reach Campaign as an objective. Reach campaign enables marketers to promote ads to the largest pool of audience on the platform. Ensure that your ad copies are on-point, so people don’t have a hard time understanding them. Going for a short one can also work better in your favour.

For Product Marketing

Video Views Campaign

When trying to promote a product or a service on Twitter, its best to go with a video Views Campaign, as it aims to deliver more views to your content. It is a well-known fact that videos generally generate more engagement compared to other content on any platform.

Pre-Roll Views

Choose pre-roll views campaign if you want your videos to appear before video content on Twitter. There are over 200 premium publishers’ partners on the platform that you can choose from. Always consider picking the content that directly aligns with your audience’s interest. When using pre-roll views, consider keeping your video ads short.

Twitter Ads app Installs

App Installs

If you are looking for more app installs, app install campaigns work the best. This type of campaign also server a great medium to connect with mobile users using Twitter. Ensure that your content is eye-catching.

Website Clicks

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, select the website click campaign. Using this campaign, you can direct users to landing pages that can be optimized towards more conversions.


If you need to connect with more audience on the platform, consider running an engagement campaign. You can use features such as Twitter polls, questionnaires, or contests to promote more interaction with your content.


To build a large following on Twitter, consider choosing follower campaigns as your objective. Be precise and bold when explaining why people should choose to follow you.

For Conversions

App Re-Engagement

If you need users to interact with your app such as updating, taking action, or just opening the app, go with an app re-engagement campaign. This is also the best objective to select if you recently released a new version of your app. Include media-rich app cards in your ads to drive more app engagement.


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