5 Free Websites to Download Copyright Free Illustrations

Free Illustrations

It has become a common sight to see stock images on multiple websites and platforms these days. As more and more people have started using the internet, finding unique photos and videos has gone scarce. You can easily spot a stock image, especially on the memes on the internet.

But luckily, there are other ways to create unique and meaningful designs without using stock photos. Instead of images try using illustrations and vectors, since they aren’t over-used and can add much more to your creative than an image could.

Another benefit of using illustrations is the ability to customize the colour scheme, which can be utilized to represent your business’s design and logo. In this article, we go through 5 websites that you can use today to get your hands on some high-quality copyright free illustrations.

Open Peeps

If you want art to represent people today, it needs to be representative of all people. If you want your illustrations to do the same, visit Open Peeps website. They offer you illustrations of a hand-drawn library of people by Pablo Stanley.

With each illustration of people, you will be able to change various things like the activity they are doing, the body type of the person, various facial expressions, hairstyle and much more.

You also have ready-made avatars of people that can be used as samples for your work. The people in these avatars can be seen in different poses; some are standing and reading a book, others are sitting and so on.


Another hand-drawn illustration that can be used to express daily activities. And yes, there are three Ls in the name. A free website such as this, is a great resource to get some unique hand-drawn illustrations for your projects.

The website is managed by the artist Vijay Verma, who took a 100-day challenge to draw one new illustration every day. Even after the challenge was over, the artist still updates the site with some new illustrations every now and then.

Recently, they added ten new illustrations related to COVID-19 that that depicts aspects from the lockdown and general hygiene care. You can download these illustrations by Vijay for free for both personal or a commercial project.


If you are looking for illustrations on topics that include work, home, and recreational scenarios, then checkout Scale by Flexiple. They offer multiple illustration templates, such as work from home, recruiting, games, etc., that are open source illustrations and completely free to download.

The website is updated with a new illustration every day, and each illustration is available to download as PNG and SVG files. You also get the option to customize the colour as per your preference before you download an illustration.


If you are a fan of classic art or want to use it in your next project, Artvee is the right place for you. It offers a big collection of vintage paintings, posters, covers etc., all available to download in high-resolution files.

Artveee offers you the ability to choose illustrations from various categories such as mythology, history, landscapes etc. Once you click on an image, you will be able to read more about the artist and the image to understand it better.


Another great vintage vector illustration website, RetroVectors offers a good collection of retro style vectors that are royalty-free and free to download as well.

Browsing the website is pretty simple since all the free vectors and illustrations are available under the “Free Vector” section. If you would like, the website also offers vectors according to the era or divided in decades like the 50s-60s, 70s-80s, but they are not free and might cost around $2 a pack.

If you are out of ideas and need some boost, you can also visit the inspiration tab, that offers you a neat idea of what you could do with the illustrations. There are font designs available as well.


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