Here’s How Marketing on Social Media Will Change in 2022

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There was a time when Myspace was king, as was Digg, both of which are esoteric today. Facebook was on the rise, Twitter was virtually unknown and Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Vine didn’t exist.

These days, people seek the so called social media gurus who run around the Internet prophesying about things they have no experience in. There are things and truths about social media that everyone should be known about.

As time passes on social media marketing changes quite a bit, but we have yet to see any of the big changes that will take place this year. In 2015, social media marketing will change in a significant way.

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Here are 5 tips about how you will need to adjust your strategy to stay ahead:

There is nothing like ‘following’ anymore:

Social media feeds are crowded more now than ever before. Everyone is paying more and more to run an advertisement on the network, so if this is a thinking “the more you pay, the more you get’’ then it is not going to work anymore. The organizations already have already built fans and followings on an extreme level in the starting part of the year of their promotion. This no longer works to get more followers than you already have. In other words organic reach of people slows down with time no matter how much a page runs its advertisement.
Don’t waste your time building your following anymore. You can keep these efforts in the back of your mind because you’re not going to get the organic reach you once did years ago.

Pay to Play
This is a very interesting strategy introduced by the social media giant Facebook, First of all, as it is discussed that paying for followers is a hoax and an old trick that no more works effectively. Still ‘Pay to Play’ is recommendable for advertising purpose. Here, it is necessary to understand the difference between paying for followers and Pay to Play.
Pay to Play is a concept to generate organic likes or say your possible customers. Here instead of paying for a few likes, an advertisement is generated and advertised across the social network. No need to mention that it provides the opportunity of engaging heavily with potential customers. So brands and organizations will be going with this very soon.

Post worthy content
For the past few years social media players like Facebook, Twitter and Google, have intentionally dropped the organic reach of pages related to campaigning to enhance the user experience. As it is also necessary because more intense advertising had been embarrassing people and also hurting the real purpose of social networks.
Social media is destroying campaigns and branding of a business sector that is also not true. Social media sectors have developed a work procedure; according to it the post that has garbage content (content which is not very useful and poorly written) gets least preference so that limited organic reach is available for this kind of content, whereas rich content gets more attention and reach to the people.
So it is inevitable that content decides the promotion and reach to the people.

Confused? Then steal
It is the most convenient and best advice which sounds very bad and dishonest, but it is 2015, an era where you have to learn many things from others.
Once, the great artist Pablo Picasso said “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”
If your agency not providing better services then see what’s working for others and replicate what they’ve done. It works in every age.

Be visionary
In the business community there is always a town-talk like “Facebook will be dead very soon” or “Snapchat is the future”. The truth is, these opinions are illogical and far away from reality. For example, for people who think that Snapchat is better, snapchat isn’t proven marketing platforms for businesses and there’s barely more than a handful of successful case studies.

In 2015, your best bet is to play it safe and stick to what you know. These aren’t platforms that suit businesses well, unless you have a highly creative product, team and company culture. If that’s not possible for you then your best action should be to hire an Instagram photographer to shoot content for you and promote it through their account.


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