A Complete Guide to On-Page SEO


On-page SEO is the method of optimizing web pages or website to increase traffic and rank in the Google search results. On-page SEO uses the website’s HTML code and content to optimize it. Google always releases new updates every year and this time Google has launched some new updates to their search algorithm, among those Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird were the popular Google updates.

Those updates set rules on the owner’s website so that owners will correctly build their incoming links and for outgoing links, they will use outgoing links. Every website owner dreams that one day their website will be shown on the first page of Google search results. It can only be done if we use right keywords for our website for getting high rank and more traffic through Google search results. More traffic can help you to increase leads to the greater extent and by this, your business sales also increase. Google also shows the results from the specific city, for this, we can hire the local SEO. Local SEO helps you to boost your website in a small like city. With we don’t have to compete with the websites that are famous across the whole world. On-page SEO helps us to optimize our website’s post and pages which will increase the traffic and rank of your website. Let’s talk about some points by which we can increase traffic and ranking of our website with the help of On-page SEO.

Site Speed

Site speed is one of the main key factors in order to increase more traffic and rank. Site speed is the time at which your website’s pages load. If your website is taking too much time to load then your users will not come again to your website.

According to some research, 47% of the target audience thinks that website should be load in 2 seconds. According to some study, if your website is having a delay of a second in pages then there will be a reduction of 7% in the conversation. There are so many tools available that will help you to check your website’s page load time.

SEO-Friendly URLs

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the path where your site is located. URL should be unique and if your URL is short in length then this would be a greater chance to increase ranking and traffic. Google said that the first 2-4 words of URL will get high priority as compared to the longer length URLs. If we include the keyword in the URL then your website will definitely grow. It is must to avoid ugly URLs like abcd.com/u=128. So your URL should be unique and different in every aspect.

Title with Keyword

The title is the main head of any blog posts or content. Every post starts with the title that gives an idea about the entire content. The title should not be too long; it should be precise and short. If we use keywords in the Title then it will increase the performance of SEO. According to experts, if we use a keyword at the beginning of our Title then your website may be displayed in the top search results of Google.

Creative Content

Content is the most important factor of On-page SEO and it drives most of the traffic and helps to increase the ranking of your website. According to HubSpot, many users prefer to search about the companies and their products through articles and blog posts instead of clicking on disturbing advertisements. In content, we should use long tail keywords which will increase the percentage of traffic on your website. Long tail keywords are those 2-4 keywords that that contains very specific information about what you want to convey to your customers or audience because sometimes people use some phrases for getting the exact results and for that we should use long tail that is very much specific.

Some points about content that drives more traffic:

  • It should be interesting so that users stay on your website for long.
  • Content should be written in a creative manner and it should be written in-depth.
  • Before writing any content think as a user.
  • Content should be unique.

Modifiers in Title

As we know that Title is the key for any content, modifiers can be used to increase your website traffic quickly. Modifiers are the words like ‘the red hat’, ‘best’, ‘top’, ‘review’ and many more can be used to increase the rank of your website for long tail searches of your website’s target keyword.

Multimedia in Content

Content is never ever sufficient for any blog or website. It is important to have some extra stuff that can make your website more popular. Adding images, videos, screenshots, and diagrams to your content will increase the possibility to get more traffic to your website. Multimedia also helps to increase the interaction between the user and the website. Google always pay attention to that website that contains good user interactions.

If your website interaction is good then your user like to come to your website again and again, and this will increase the image and ranking of your website. According to ReelSEO, approx. 75% of the digital marketers are optimizing their videos for the better search results. Adding images to your content helps Google to understand your website in a better way and also helps them to check that what your website is about. Many owners use alt text in their images like ‘Smiley face’, ‘blue widget’ and ‘green widget’ and by this Google can easily make an idea about your website.

Social Buttons

To increase the brand image or traffic of your website it is important to use social media buttons on your website. If we share our content on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest then we can indirectly boost our website’s ranking. It is important to place social buttons on your website; it can be placed on the top or botton of your website.



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