11 Apps You can’t live without as a digital marketer

digital marketer apps

You know the best thing about mobile applications, it is easy to use (user-friendly), it doesn’t take time to load. The app keeps you updated by sending push notifications. [push notifications are like a reminder for me.] 

Mobile phones and mobile apps have changed the way we were living our life. Isn’t it? food delivery to online shopping to booking an ola cab, everywhere we use mobile applications.

For a digital marketer, a mobile phone is as important as oxygen.

Here is the list of must free apps that digital marketers use on their smartphones to make their life easy.

#11 Google Ads:

The Google Ads app has made life easier for every digital marketer. You can easily check ads’ performance and can manage, optimize, and track your ad campaigns using your Android smartphone on the go. Think you are traveling and your client called you and asked for some details or asked you to pause an ad, then this app saves you.

#10 Google Analytics:

Google analytics app is available on play store and other OS App stores. It is used to track the performance of the website and mobile app, you can check all the data you need about your website or app on your phone you don’t need a laptop.

#9 Facebook Ads:

The Facebook Ads app is powerful and efficient mobile tools, like google ads app that allows you to stay connected with ad campaigns no matter where you are. Easily create and track Facebook ads’ performance on your mobile device.

#8 Facebook Analytics:

The Facebook Analytics app, like google analytics app you can check all the important metrics like revenue, retention, demographics and active users. You can check the performance of your sponsor ads from anywhere.

#7 Canva:

 It is a classic free graphic-design tool, It uses a drag-and-drop method. It is mostly used by non-designers. You can create all social media posts or adverts using Canva. This is going to help you in designing any ad creative or social media posts. Canva gives me a sense of independency from graphic designers.

#6 Inshot:

Inshot app is easy to use app and also free. You can download from apps store and use it to edit your videos. To Trim, to resize, to add text in the video, to add animated emoji, to add music and much more in the video. It also uses a drag and drop format.

#5 Whizsky App

Whizsky App is an absolutely free app for Digital Marketing, Social Media – News & updates, Blogs, Interviews, Reviews, Events & Jobs. 

The reason I love this app is that I get all the news updates related to digital marketing. I don’t need to go to any website or download any other app to check news and updates related to digital marketing. This is all in one app.

Today it is necessary to stay on top of all the updates in this field. Companies are hiring and firing employees because they only want a person who is on the top of any new development in digital marketing, Who is always updated in his expertise.

#4 Evernote:

Evernote is a free note-taking app. You can use it for general purposes like to write post lines, meme ideas, to-dos, daily schedule, notes, collecting resources, annotating images or docs. This is a life-saving app for digital marketers who work in a digital marketing agency and have many clients. At times when you forget your schedule, then this app can help you.

#3 Grammarly:

Thanks to Grammarly. You can’t see my grammar mistakes, misspellings. It helps me avoid any embarrassing mistakes while writing articles, post lines, Emails, etc. It is like having a professional editor friend in pocket. Grammarly has a google extension for web and Grammarly keyboard for mobile that automatically scans writings for misspellings and grammatical errors.

#2 Google sheet:

For any marketer data is everything. Google sheet simplifies the life of a digital marketer. You can use it to churn out data that can be presented with ease for better understanding.

#1 Google Drive:

Google Drive is another free app from google. It is used to store documents. Google gives 15 GB of storage. I create my social media posts in one fell swoop and store all my creatives in google drive. If I need to share any creative with my team or client I share the link of that creative.


These are 11 free apps you can’t live without if you are a digital marketer. Add these 11 apps in your smartphone to make your life easy and stay on top of all the updates in the digital marketing field.


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