GREY group India unleash shararat again for Britannia Cakes !

bitannia cake campaign

GREY group Bangalore has launched a quirky new TVC for Britannia Cakes which plays upon the brand’s love for shararat.  

Most of us have fond memories of doing some kind of mischief as kids. Playing pranks on friends, siblings or elders are a part of childhood. And because Britannia Cakes has always been about bringing out the mischievous side of us, this monsoon they have an offer that pranksters will not be able to resist. The new commercial features a naughty boy and his grandfather.

The commercial tells the story of a youngster who is bored at home and discovers the sticky toy in his pack of Britannia cake. As he looks around for a way to make things interesting, he finds his target – dadaji taking his afternoon nap. Sneakily, he shoots the sticky toy at his dadaji, and instantly, dadaji comes to life and seems to be possessed by the toy. What ensues is a whacky dance performance that takes everyone by surprise. The ad then signs off with a cheeky warning about the use of the toy.

Talking about the creative exercise, Gautam Bhasin, Senior Creative Director, GREY Bangalore said: “The brief was to show how one can have fun with a sticky toy that comes free with a Britannia Cake. So, we got a kid to experiment that on his grandfather who ends up dancing like the toy itself”

Vishal Ahluwalia, Senior Vice President and Branch Head, GREY Bangalore says “We thank our friends & partners at Britannia for being bold enough to go with a mother of all prank script. It was pure joy to watch Dadu add magic to the dancing daddu! This film took us to our childhood, wanting to prank everyone out and we hope the kids can have fun eating the cake and pranking with their favorite Sticky toy”

The TVC has been released in 8 languages across India and created by QED Films.


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