Blogging On Facebook


Facebook along with other social media platforms is now reaching in different sectors of an individual’s requirement and in addition to making you connected to the world, Facebook has now become a hub for different professionals and business holders to connect with the market. Facebook is not only focused towards business holders requirements but also offer individuals to share their personal likings via this platform like opinions, focused group, crowd funding, specific pages and blogging.

Facebook currently is not working as a blogging platform, but still it is offering the flexibility to its users to share their blogs through various measures. Users generally share the link of their blog by posting the link in the status, using notes feature, or using third party applications that posts the blog automatically after its publication. These are some of the basic methods that one can use to promote its blog via Facebook.


The questions arises why Facebook?

It is obvious for a blogger to publish its blogs directly to the website and the readers will get to know about the updates via RSS feeds. But, in present scenario where the competition is heating up and blogs are increasing day-by-day it is necessary that one must attract readers to the blog by adopting various tactics and in current trend demands that one must post the link on the Facebook to get noticed.

How It Will Help?

Regular readers and the associated people with an individual after getting through the link will share or like the post and it will further share the information of the link on the other people’s wall who are associated with the people in your list. Facebook acts as an indirect chain-building platform that generates traffic towards your blog and it is one of the key tool to be used for getting noticed in the crowd.
Through user comments and number of likes an individual will be able to analyze the direction in which the blog is moving and what are the areas in which one has to work in order to push the blog further. In addition to this the Facebook response will act as a mirror to the current reputation of the blog that is beneficial for the blog holder to meet its objectives in a significant time span.


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