YouTube Music Premium Makes Grand Entry Into India Streaming Market

YouTube Music Launches in India

Hardly it has been just two weeks, Swedish audio streaming company, Spotify made its presence in India adding more energy to the music fanatics. Now, YouTube made its big entry in India by making music fanatic wilder with multiple song tracks. Google has leaped into the Indian music streaming with the unanticipated launch of YouTube Music in India.

YouTube Music was first launched in the US in May 2018, and now the streaming app is keeping its bigfoot in India. The app also provides Indian listeners with covers and folk songs that aren’t available in any music streaming app so far. This announcement has been icing on the cake to the music lovers.

The music streaming company offers ad-supported music streaming on desktop and mobile through an application. But this is just a music app that is available with music and music videos by YouTube. The home screen of the app will dynamically changes based on what’s trending and your interests.

YouTube Music neither can be listened in the background nor download into your mobile or desktop.

Unlike Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming apps, YouTube Music will underline works from everyone, remixes, lives, covers and more from the newest of voices to the versatile singers. It has an AI search feature that let you search for songs using lyrics and descriptions.

YouTube Music Premium Price in India

YouTube Music Price Versus iOS Music Price

  • YouTube Music Premium price is just Rs.99 per month per user, whereas, iOS app is Rs.129 per month per user.
  • A Family membership premium pack, i.e. up to 6 family members is available at just Rs.149 per month. If we look at the iOS app, it is Rs.199 per month.
  • YouTube premium is for just Rs.129 per month. For iOS it is Rs.169.
  • The Premium Family plan is Rs.189 per month. The iOS premium plan is Rs.249 per month.

It looks like YouTube Music premium charges are on par with Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn, Amazon Music, and other significant services in India. Already Spotify garnered millions of music lovers in India. Now we have to wait and watch the response of the people with the launch of the app.


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