YouTube Working On A Tool To Create An Automatic 6-Second Ads

YouTube working on a tool to create an automatic 6 second ad

YouTube is developing a tool called Bumper Machine that truncates a longer ad into a 6 seconds ad.

Back in 2016, YouTube introduced a six-second bumper ad format. Now it is unveiling a Bumper Machine using machine learning to pull out a six-second version from a 30 or 90-second ad automatically.

The company is currently alpha testing the tool and eventually to a beta test and ultimately a worldwide launch.

Here is an example of an original 13-second ad

And below is a 6-second version created automatically using the Bumper Machine.

Debbie Weinstein, Google’s Vice President of YouTube and Video global solutions, in a statement:

“Advertisers will have a tool to create a Bumper by scanning a longer ad for “key elements,” like a voiceover or a tight focus on human beings or logos or products. The result always ends with the final call to action in the last two-to-three seconds of the video”.

Machines are unpromising to get the things 100% right in creating an ad and still require a specific part of human intervention.

Bumper Machine creates four variations of an ad to choose by the user where a user could choose one or keep all four if they want.


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