Facebook Introduces ‘Experiments’ Element for Better Ad Performances

Facebook Experiments

You have to put in the time if you want to maximize your ad’s performance. You should also be willing to experiment with different audience targeting to see where you gain more traction. This strategy can help you refine your results. Facebook has also stepped up to help ad managers with the introduction of the ‘Experiments’ element which will offer you a place to test and find results for your Facebook ads. This will make it easier for you to improve your approach since you will be able to track and measure your variables.

Facebook Experiments

Facebook’s explanation for Elements:

Experiments combines multiple types of tests, formerly labeled as Test and Learn and Split Testing, allowing marketers to A/B test campaigns and measure conversion and brand lift in one place. With a more streamlined interface in Ads Manager, it’s easier to choose the right test for a business goal, create tests, scale what’s working, integrate insights into marketing strategies and help a business grow.

Though Elements is not adding anything that isn’t already there, it allows you to integrate multiple testing options into one place that’ll make it much easier for you to choose the right test for your ad campaigns. Every available option will have additional prompts that’ll help you understand more about these features.

Facebook Experiments

In the screenshot above, you can see there’s an ‘i’ for additional information, which should offer you brief information about the test you are using. And if you are looking for more details regarding that test, there’s a learn more button available underneath that. Once you click on a test, you are offered more prompts to guide you through the process in detail.

Facebook Experiments

Though most of these features were already available, with Experiments, ad managers will be able to access them much easier. Advertisers will be able to understand which tests are better to try out to boost their ad performance. It might not seem revolutionary addition but small changes can make a huge difference. Adding a different image, A different post line, or using a different CTA can change the outcome. And the only way to know it to keep testing.


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