5 Things You should not do on Facebook & Twitter

(A good choice is to customize your privacy on every social site)

An observation states that people enjoy the ability to create connections online. This is the prime factor which is used by Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Every notification, message, comment, mention work as a reward for brain and push emotions of people to use social network frequently. As per statistics, there are more than 750 million users of Facebook alone. The noticeable assumption is that in order to gain followers and friends, you must compromise your digital privacy in some respect.

You can still practice privacy protection and secure connections with others on the social network, all you need, is to know what mistakes you should avoid while using a social media podium for yourself.

(A good choice is to customize your privacy on every social site)
(A good choice is to customize your privacy on every social site)

Avoid unnecessary interactions

It is time to become smart about digital privacy protection and uses while using social sites like Facebook & Twitter. The first step you should take is to avoid unnecessary interactions with people. Sometimes we see that someone has more than two thousand friends and followers. Well, you should consider that why Facebook and Twitter give options like “Do you know this person outside of Facebook” & “Protect your tweets” respectively. Unnecessary pool of thousands of friends might cause the violation of privacy.

Maybe it is not that much of problematic when we use Twitter, but it is certainly applicable on Facebook as Facebook gives more personal information than any other social site, also it has the biggest number of users in the world.

Avoid third-party apps on Twitter & Facebook

You may think that all you do on social site is to connect and communicate with people, but perhaps you now also spend a large amount of time playing with apps on a regular basis on Facebook. You may not mind playing, but as you accept all the terms of the agreement, and you allow many companies related to those apps, to access all of your personal information.

Although Twitter uses slightly different third party apps, but still, all apps access personal account information. You always should avoid use of third party apps on Twitter and Facebook

Avoid sharing inappropriate posts

Now it is very easy and quick to share photos and videos. You can do it in seconds like uploading photos from iPhone straight to the web or by using apps. This instant access hinders the ability of people to think before they upload. Inappropriate photos, videos and posts related to extreme issues may harm you in personal or professional life.
Photos and videos are to share with close to you as to share your memories, don’t let it out publicly as to show everyone.

Control your privacy options and share wisely

It is very obvious and basic thinking that one should not post about their whereabouts and still many people around us share and do check-ins on a regular basis with or without pictures. Facebook let you choose your privacy option so maybe it’s not too harmful to share your location there with appropriate privacy setting.
Twitter is more likely of a place where you should tweet safely because it doesn’t give you too many privacy options for your tweet, once your tweet is out there, it is out & everyone is watching it, so here you need to be rigorous when you post a tweet.

Protect digital privacy by controlling Facebook fan pages and Twitter lists on which you appear

It is always gratifying to see that your profile gets a place on a list which gives more exposure to your profile. You should always monitor which Twitter lists you have been included on. IF they are inappropriate then ask to be removed. Profile for an inappropriate list could tarnish your reputation and also if you get a stalker from there, then you could compromise your electronic privacy.

Although you always can’t avoid Facebook fan page likes as it is so natural to do if you are on social media, it is best to avoid some pages. Clicking “like” could open up your profile for individuals and companies who can (and they will) access your personal information.


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