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A compilation of news articles from the top social networking sites on world wide web. Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram are our focused social media platforms.


Facebook Testing New Page Design to Shift Focus on Page Details

Recently, social media giant, Facebook, has been seen testing a new page format for its mobile apps, that will be focused more on the...

Blogging On Facebook

Facebook along with other social media platforms is now reaching in different sectors of an individual’s requirement and in addition to making you connected...

Instagram for Celebrities, How Effective?

Instagram, the leading photo sharing app is undoubtedly one of the favourite social media platforms for celebrities. Today, almost every star has an active...

How to improve your Facebook news feed visibility?

Facebook marketing works, but only when done the right way. Don’t take Facebook for granted. You might think that whatever you post will be...

Mixed responses for Facebook’s “Year in Review” app posts

Facebook rolled out its “Year in Review” app earlier this month, which is algorithmically customized for each user. It posts a kind of collage...

Instagram Launches New Co-Watching for Users to Connect Amid Covid-19

With everyone working from home and missing out on updates and interactions with others, Instagram is adding a new feature that will help users connect through...
avoid social netwoking

10 Things You Should Never Post On Social Network

While there are too many social networking sites allowing you to share and see general information of others, it simultaneously increased the risk of...

Considering a Pinterest Business Page – A Must Nowadays

In this world of modernity, there must not exist a person who remains as a stranger to Pinterest. It is one of the most...

Handle Social Media with these Easy to Follow Tips!!

Social media is now easy to handle. There is no need of staying online all the day round and go through the comments of...
Amazon COVID-19

Amazon India’s Actions to Help Customers & Employees Amid COVID-19

Amid the Coronovirus debacle, many large organisations have taken action to effectively deal with the situation. Amazon India has also presented its stance against...

Fa fa fa facebook stalking my more successful friend

  We have seen many videos on the human behavior for facebook, there is one more in the list. Comedian Pat Regan's anthem for the most...

How is Tumblr different from blogging & micro blogging websites?

We all are quite familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but how much you know about tumblr? I was searching for something on Google and...