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A compilation of news articles from the top social networking sites on world wide web. Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram are our focused social media platforms.

YouTube –creating a healthier world …

The traditional health care comprised of hospitals-the health care providers which were mainly funded by the Government and the insurance companies. From past few...

Considering a Pinterest Business Page – A Must Nowadays

In this world of modernity, there must not exist a person who remains as a stranger to Pinterest. It is one of the most...

Linkedin India- A Threat for Job Portals

  We all know the potential of Social media. It’s not just limited to causal chatting or catching up with old friends. The power of...

How is Tumblr different from blogging & micro blogging websites?

We all are quite familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but how much you know about tumblr? I was searching for something on Google and...

Role of Photo Captions and Hashtags for Instagram Marketing

Instagram, the image centric app is one of the leading social media networks today. It is extensively used by all the major brands to...
PK Bloopers

‘PK’ continues to trend on Social Media

PK the latest release of Raj Kumar Hirani starring Aamir Khan & Anushka Sharma continues to create a strong buzz on social media despite...

Top 9 Social Media Inspired Halloween Costumes

Given the impact of social in our personal as professional lives, today there are several social media inspired Halloween costume ideas, available for social...
Amazon COVID-19

Amazon India’s Actions to Help Customers & Employees Amid COVID-19

Amid the Coronovirus debacle, many large organisations have taken action to effectively deal with the situation. Amazon India has also presented its stance against...
Facebook Groups

Facebook Introduces New Sponsored Posts For Groups

Facebook has been trying to emphasize group engagement on its platform for some time now. You already have the option to run Facebook Ads...

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Stands Down to Take on New Role

Jeff Weiner the CEO of LinkedIn, announced that he'll be stepping down and take on a new role focusing on economic opportunity. Jeff...

How is LinkedIn Helping the Bangalore Based Job Seekers?

In today’s competitive world, bagging a job has become some task. However, with the advent of social media, the job hunting scenario has changed...
Social Media

New Updates from Social Media Platforms to Increase Security

LinkedIn Involuntary advances have been a problem on multiple social media platforms since the beginning, but when you consider LinkedIn, which is a platform for...