YouTube- The Ambrosia of internet driven world.

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The word food can be mapped into many definitions. For a dietician, a doctor it has to be a balanced diet, for food lovers taste takes the priority.Some enjoy cooking while the others simple feel good at its partake.Same fame is held by a beverage .It is a stimulating drink which also possess varied forms and tastes.

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There are several countries in this world.Each country in turn has several states and each state is enriched in culture and tradition in its own ways.This is the reason why this world is blessed with countless food habits.

Social Media, particularly YouTube has played significant role in channelizing and globalising the food throughout.

Tutorials Available

Youtube covers the best tutorials on almost all type of worldly food.Continental, Thai,Chinese,Japanese,Mexican and Indian are the most visited ones. The tutorials give in depth and authentic recipies at the doorsteps.


People can be benifited from these tutorials as per their needs.

  • Experiment Lovers
    For those who love to cook different cuisines are can take advantage of these videos .
    New food or the old food cooked in a new stlye.Saving Large amount from buying a book is also a merit. Unlike any cookery show or cooking classes,Visiting the video any number of times can be of great help.
  • Knowledge grabbers.
    There are people who love to explore the world.For those who have this desire but not enough time and capital ,YouTube can be their browser.They can discover that a particular country has what type of climate and vegetation consequently what type of food is cooked, The spices used, the way it is served and eaten. The famous restaurants around the world that provide this food.Moreover, the beverages that are served with that food.The other type of beverages that are unique and healthy.
  • Ambitious Entrepreneurs
    For those who own a foodhouse ,its not just the matter of variety or taste.
    YouTube video’s minutely explains the key points that leads to customer satisfaction. In other words it gives an insight of food and beverage services.
    It explains the proper methods to cook delicious food, lays emphasis on hygienic cooking,appropriate use of cookwares,the way to set up the table both in formal and informal manner.
    The interior of the restaurant, The types of uniforms staff should wear,the language proficiency of the staff members and the way in which the staff has to be trained.For example If a Chinese restaurant is to be set up in India then the name can be given as China Town written in both English and Chinese. The area should be spacious and kept with minimum decorative items of Chinese tradition. Red and black will be the most apt colour combination for the complete ambiance. It would be great if wind chimes, fans, and Chandeliers are hanged at significant places. The staff can go for Chinese attire that is Hunfo,Qipao,Hanbok and Kimono. The lifestyle of china,some legendry Chinese filmstars, some influential political leaders and wold famous Chinese proverbs can occupy the wall of the restaurant. A light Chinese musit will surely light up the atmosphere.The food has to best and the wold famous Chinese dishes like spring rolls,egg fried rice,spicy tofu,Manchurian must be served with the authentic taste.
  • Social Workers
    Doctors, dietician who know that their traditional food stuffs can help curing a disease can share this useful information through these videos.


A conclusion can be drawn that YouTube can thus fulfil the food and beverage requirement of all the people in every aspect . You can go on a world tour through YouTube.


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