A New Survey Conclude That Facebook Is Still On Top Of All


News coming from Washington about a survey on American users of internet and it revealed that according to the number of daily active users that visits Facebook makes Facebook the most popular social media website topping up twitter and Google+.

However the survey conducted by Pew Research Center revealed that Facebook may be on the top but the growth of Facebook has slowed down a much than its previous years as compared to other competitors that are growing at a very good rate of users joining daily.


Data for this survey has been collected from 1597 users in September 2014, states that 71 percent of users use Facebook daily, a significant amount of users that haven’t changed since 2013. While every other social media platforms has seen a significant growth in its usership as compared with 2013.

Comparing with Linkedin, Pinterest 28% of users use these platforms and 23% use Twitter out of the users on whom the survey was conducted clearly stating suprimacy of Facebook usage over any other website.

Research facility revealed that almost 56% of the internet users that age over 65 states that they use Facebook. Which is a significant amount of users and the daily involvement by internet users on Facebook is growing while the involvement with other social websites see a very little change.

Out of the 71% users that use Facebook almost 70% of the users check Facebook daily and 45% of them use it several times a day. The percentage has increased from 63% in 2013 to 70% in 2014 that sure is a huge boom.

As compared to Instagram and Pinterest whose only 49% and 17% respectively open their profiles daily and engage with it making nothing significant change from 2013. And in case of twitter the percentage is 36 and it has decreased from 46% in 2013.

Although Linkedin users who involve with the website i.e. 13% users haven’t changed since 2013, however for Linkedin users that visit less often have increased which in simple meaning more users but less visits. Research also tells that a much number of users of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn states that they use Facebook more than any other site.

But also there have been an increase in Facebook users that use other social websites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn as compared to the past years.


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