Facebook Testing New Page Design to Shift Focus on Page Details


Recently, social media giant, Facebook, has been seen testing a new page format for its mobile apps, that will be focused more on the page details while de-emphasizing the like counts on a page.

This new change will remove the option to like a page and will focus more on encouraging people to ‘follow’ the page instead.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

From the image above, it is clear that the new layout will include a much larger profile picture with the name of the page below the profile image. The most significant change between the two images is the removal of the ‘Like’ button from the new design.

This will also remove the total number of like counts from the page. Instead, you can now see the total number of followers right below the blue follow button.

This move from Facebook may come as a surprise to people but it does make sense, since once you like a page, you automatically, become a follower as well. But people tend to unfollow after a while, which does not affect the total number of likes and only changes your total followers.

This makes the follow count more valuable since only the people who will follow the page, will be able to see updates from the page. Apart from the removal of the like button, the new layout also includes some changes to admin and system options, which will allow better management of pages.

Workplace Updates

Facebook has also released some significant updates to the Workplace, a platform for professionals, recently. The new update will include performance and stability improvements along with an introduction to dark mode on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The new Workplace chat app will be more responsive and easier to use compared to the current one. The dark mode will also be added to the desktop version of the app along with the mobile apps on both platforms. It is expected that the new desktop version will be significantly faster than the old one.


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