A Review For Kayako’s Customer Support Software


What is Kayako?

Kayako is a company that offers a number of different solutions intended to optimize the customer experience. The various solutions on offer include:

A Shared Inbox

Essential for optimizing the CSR live chat experience by providing a shared inbox that all of your CSRs can get their assignments from.

Ticketing System

Perfect for creating queues and allowing your customers to get the help that they need in the most organized manner possible with the least possible amount of hassle.

E-Commerce Customer Support

Geared specifically for those entrepreneurs that offer their services and products through an e-commerce portal that would require a much more specified form of customer support.

General Customer Support Software

This software is meant to help handle live chats and calls and the like and generally make the lives of your CSRs a lot easier than they would have been otherwise.

In this review, we are going to be talking about the last of the solutions mentioned above, Kayako’s customer support software. Read on to ascertain the pros and cons of the software.

People Who Should Use Kayako

This software is very broad in its focus. It is meant for a variety of different people, from those that run big companies all the way to individuals that are running an e-commerce set up that need a little bit of help dealing with the customers that they have. Essentially, the focus of this software is not all that specific, pretty much any kind of enterprise that includes customer support as one of its primary focuses is going to be the intended customer of Kayako, the size of the customer base they serve is pretty much irrelevant.

Benefits of Kayako

We have found that there are a number of benefits to implementing Kayako’s customer support software. These include:

Faster Response Time

The software will help to handle the excess load that often results from sudden emergencies and the like, allowing your customers to get the support they need and leave without having to wait too long.

Multilingual Support

If you have wanted to expand to foreign territories but don’t quite know how to do that, Kayako’s customer support software can actually make it a lot easier than it would have been otherwise because of the fact that it allows you to offer software-based customer support in multiple languages.

Improves CSR Work Environment

This software does tend to make CSRs happy because their job becomes a little easier to do than it would have been otherwise. This can really help improve the overall environment of your company.

Overall, it is easy to see that Kayako’s software can really do a lot to improve the manner in which your CSR team is able to handle customer support overall. However, it is important to look at any kind of expense that you are thinking of making from every single angle, so it is important to ask what potential drawbacks you might end up getting if you decide to invest in this particular brand of customer support software.

Potential Drawbacks

This software has quite a few pros to it but as far as cons go they really don’t seem to be all that prevalent. If there is one major drawback to using this software, it is that it removes a bit of the personalization that your customers might want from the customer support that they end up getting. The important thing to remember here is that you should not rely too much on this software, otherwise chances are that you are not going to end up getting very happy customers at the end of the day.

Is It Worth It?

If you look at it as an investment, getting Kayako’s customer support software is most definitely worth it. It will help you get a better grasp on the influx of customer requests that you might be receiving, although you are definitely going to have to end up taking some steps to ensure that you don’t end up getting too dependent on the software and thus taking away the personalized touch that people might want.




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