[App Review] OKCredit: A Simple Paperless “Digital Udhar ” Ledger For Small Businesses

App Review on OKCredit

OKCredit: Digital Indians Ka Digital Udhar Khata

A notebook of swarming numbers of credits; stickies to remind you of credits and debits pinned on the pinboard blah blah… it is toilsome to remember this unorganized papers on what we spend on what. To maintain this ledger books full of numbers is difficult, especially for store owners and even for the customers, sometimes gets misplaced.

To be candid, even sometimes it’s like over my head to remember what I spent on things and how much I credit to the shopkeeper or debit to give my friend or even if I gave when did I? Too many questions spinning my head. As we know, Google Play Store welcomes too many apps on board even for trivial yet useful things. So here is an app called OKCredit- a digital ledger to maintain a debit/credit account with the transactional time specially developed for small businesses.

This app review is dedicated to chaotic brains of us.

About OKCredit

OKCredit is a mobile sourced solution for small business owners and their customers that enables to record credit or payment transactions digitally across India.

The online application allows merchants with a secure and reliable way of credit and payments records for the business particularly carried on credit basis. The handy app transacts and records payments by lessening the burden of maintaining an accounting ledger books.


Haryana-based OKCredit is founded on April 2017 by trio Aditya Prasad, Gaurav Kumar, and Harsh Pokharna. The company started as Psi Phi Global Solutions PVT LTD, and on November 2017 the app was released in Google PlayStore.

Three Idiots since…

Gaurav, Harsh, and Aditya are close friends during their time at IIT Kanpur in 2010. Right after graduation, Gaurav and Harsh worked at Flipkart, while Aditya worked in Bengaluru for a US-based data company Fuzzy Logix.

“What you need to succeed in a startup is not expertise in startups. What you need is expertise in your own users.”- Paul Graham

The triad always dreamt of starting a startup. The three began to develop a business card sharing application and social event application, but nothing gained traction. They delved into more detailed blockchain and use of technical innovation to solve people’s problems.

In July 2016, the trio left the high paying jobs and dug for more startup ideas. They said that they were inspired by Y Combinator Founder Paul Graham’s words on starting a startup.

OKCredit just a click away

OKCredit app helps users to keep track and stack up of credit balances and transaction summaries. It is easy to download with adding your mobile number and regular details to fill. The app lets users use the app to record credit and debit payments for their customers.

The data is backed up online and no fear of losing records. If lost can be recovered by OTP authentication and can be recovered. Customers get updates through SMS via a unique link. The digital ledger helps users by sending reminders of the pending dues. They can even track the past transactions of their account statement.

How is it beneficial?

The app is beneficial for small businesses and individual microfinance sector who lend money to families or friends using OKCredit by easing their account maintenance burden.

From mobile recharge shops, local grocery, or general stores to local pharmacies and personal credit bookkeeping, it helps to maintain digital ledgers without any hassle.


OKCredits startup has raised $15.5 Million led by New York-based Tiger Global, Y Combinator, Venture Highway, and Morningside Venture Capital. In total, the startup made $17.2 Million so far.

The founders proudly claim to have 1.3 million users download the app out of which 900K and above are active users. At present, it is used in over 1,000 locations and mostly used by Hindi-speaking regions.

Whizsky Review

Every app has pros and cons; nothing is perfect because it is sourced by technology with a few glitches.

OKCredit app can be modified in terms of enhancement, but right now at the brighter side, the application has significant advantages than looking at the cons of it.

  • With a single click can view data.
  • For every transaction or other purposes, customers get an SMS update.
  • Sends payment reminder anytime.
  • Automatic transactions are added.
  • Accurate in summing up.
  • Free to use.
  • A 100% safer application with local backups.

Now you can say goodbye to a calculator, pen, or paper.

Summing up all this, we scale 4/5.


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