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moya app for drinking water

MOYA – The Waterman is a mobile application designed for on-the-go mobile app users who can order their water can anywhere, anytime. Through Moya-The Waterman app, customers can trace their orders, keep a tab on the delivery time and process, keep stock of their payments, and so much more. However, another side of the coin to this app functionality is when customers benefit immensely in fulfilling their daily water needs while using the app and Moya-The Waterman app surely quenches your thirst here in an immediate and prompt on-demand supply and delivery of pure hygienic water at your doorsteps.

Why MOYA app?

MOYA app is a blessing to many customers for some of the below issues that they regularly face especially in tracking the delivery of their water bottles/cans

  • Customers not being able to keep a tab on the water can delivery boys.
  • Suppliers not delivering the customer’s order on time.
  • Customers were unable to verify the total cost of their orders.
  • Difficulty in knowing the list of local dealers and whom to contact for quality service.
  • Unable to get extra orders placed or get quality water service during water crisis situations.

It is imperative for any bottled water company management to know it is customers who get their bottled water business running as there can be no supply and delivery without customer demand. Here are some of the interesting features of the app that requires worth many a look:

Easy setup

The app can be downloaded from the app store in your Android/ Apple/ Windows Mobile OS, and it’s very easy and quick to install on the mobile. Once installed the customer has the facility to track their orders with the touch of a finger. After installing the app, one can just provide their mobile number and password to log in and start placing their orders.

Dealer connectivity

Once you have completed your registration and added your details as part of it, you can start connecting with existing dealers both in your nearby and faraway areas.

Step-by-step Booking

Customers can place the order on the fly through their smartphones just as easily as they book a cab or food online and get their water cans delivered at their preferred timing. After all, it’s easy for anyone to book a water container if one has signed up or registered in the Moya app as a new customer and follows the simple three easy steps  here as you go by them:

Step-1: Select/choose your preferred brand of water container you wish to order for delivery at your doorstep.

Step-2: Place the order with flexible payment options like Cash-on-delivery, credit/debit card payment or even paytm transfer if you wish to.

Step-3: Voila, you can now sit back and relax as you witness within the app the arrival of your preferred water container to your residence/office at the chosen time even when you are out of the home.

Products packed app

Customers can delight with the fact that they have not just one or two but many products to choose from as per their choice of price and brand name. The products range from Aquasure, Aquafina, Bisleri, Kinley and much more branded and local made water containers of usually 20 ltr capacity.

About the App Developer

Moya – The Waterman, an innovative app built by the reputed Virtus-IT India Private Limited. They serve as an online aggregator of water suppliers. They have built into their app an easy to use customer support feature which can be accessed by the customer with considerable ease. This feature, in turn, connects to a live customer support agent who is trained and equipped with real-time info of the delivery and dispatch for which he can provide accurate information keeping the process precise yet rich with genuine information and provides the customer a transparent interface with the supplier.

This Communication channel provides the suppliers a cost-effective option to meet customer concerns while making sure only expert help is provided. The customers who consistently receive first class up to date resolutions stop relying on water boys for fixes.

Dedicated support

Moya – The water man assures the best service in the industry and also implements the technical services to its clients. It has been a constant endeavor for Moya to keep improving the app as per the customer/user feedback and all the upcoming features will be auto updated.

Download Moya App and book your water cans today!

moya app drinking water


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