[App Review] Skiplino- Skip The Boring Long Queue


Standing in a queue is tiresome. We feel all the humdrum waiting in a queue. Jumping the queue is the most usual thing we do, amidst the drama, there will be for sure verbal abuses for jumping the line. Waiting for nearly three hours in a line made me think is there any app that could save time and track the line/queue at any place. And bingo, I found it! Here is my article about an app that can solve the queue waiting for issues.

About Skiplino

Skiplino is a mobile queue management application that provides solutions to overcome traffic flow and save people’s time.

It solves the common and most annoying problem like standing in line. The app aims to solve the problem by providing an automated smart mobile solution to avoid traffic and save time by letting them get in queue wherever they are.

Skiplino is founded on August 1, 2015, by Alharith Alatawi, Ricardo Gaspar, and Zaman AH. Zaman. The startup operates under its parent company Level Z, which is a factory in Bahrain.

The team developed this app out of frustration while standing in a line at a bank in Bahrain. The trio ventured out and founded the app which benefits both businesses and end users. The app runs on a platform-agonist, cloud-based that could work across different enterprises and works as a directory and booking platform.


  • Can access the most convenient location by exploring the map.
  • A user can notify service providers if running late.
  • Comprehensive directory services are provided.
  • Track the queue line before reaching the destination.

Does this really work? How?

A common man’s first thought is “how is it possible to track the queue?!” Here is the working of the Skiplino.

Generally, we see in banks and other places where customers are assigned tokens and asked to wait. Skiplino helps to overcome this kind of issues by digital booking the slot in the queue and providing them with an estimated time at the branch. With this customers can reach their destination during their slot.

The app calculates the distance to the bank and the average time takes to perform the transaction. Suppose a user is running late, the app helps you to reschedule your visit. There is a 3-time opportunity to reschedule the visit and if it exceeds it automatically blocks from the queue. There is also a 90-second wait time for the customers who are late or did not turn up to the destination.

The Three-pack plan

Skiplino works on B2B SaaS model.

It currently has three plans-

  • Standard- The plan can process up to 50 tickets a day and is free for one branch.
  • Professional- The plan pack starts from $99 per month and includes analytics of activity.
  • Enterprise- $149 per month, includes more customizations.

The startup claims to have over 1000 customers around 106 countries. Skiplino’s primary goal is to end all the annoying physical queues by skipping the line.


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