Amazon Rolled out a Light Internet Browser for India named “LITE”


On Monday, Amazon has released a lightweight web browser app designed for devices running Android 5.0 Marshmallow and above called “Lite”. Amazon claims that its new browser is lighter than the competition and specifically designed to consume less space on the device and comes under 2MB in size.

It is also claimed to offer a private user experience by not asking any additional permissions or collect private data like other browsers. For now, the App is only available for Android phones and offers tab previews and enables an automatic fullscreen mode. Besides, there is an option to switch to private tabs to let users hide browsing history from their devices.

Amazon previously released Amazon Kindle Lite app that is already available in India. The Kindle Lite app offers a basic e-book reading experience under 2MB of file size. Also, it is designed to work with slower data speeds and in areas with unstable data connectivity. Facebook and Google also offer lite versions of their applications like  Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Gmail Go, Google Go, Google Maps Go, and YouTube Go



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