What is Linkedin Premium and Why every Professional Should Have it?

linkedin premium

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social media platform for professionals and entrepreneurs. LinkedIn is a social media platform where people can grow their network, can promote their businesses, services, and products. People can apply for different jobs on LinkedIn and employers can directly hire the employee from his/her LinkedIn profile. Whenever we follow someone’s LinkedIn profile then their posts will appear in our feed. We can also send a direct message to the HR’s and can apply for their company.


Sometimes during the application one message appears that shows information about the person who works in that company you are applying in and that person is already added in your LinkedIn connections then you can click on the ‘ask for referral’ then a message will be sent in which you are asking for their referral for yourself so that the person will refer you in his company. LinkedIn’s 20% of revenue comes from the premium subscriptions. Most of the users say that LinkedIn premium is costly but worth your money. But if we don’t want to expand our connections and want to get mid-level jobs then we can go for the free subscription and if you want to grab the high paid jobs then you should go for the Premium Plans.

Linkedin Premium Pricing

There are four premium plans in LinkedIn i.e Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator Pro and Recruiter Lite in which Premium Career costs you $29.99/month, Premium Business costs you $59.99/month, Sales Navigator costs you around $79.99/month and the Recruiter Lite costs you $119.95/month. Now we will look on the benefits we get in premium accounts.


  • We can check the ranking of our LinkedIn profile with the help of ‘How you rank Professionals like you’ tool among the different employees and industries.

  • We will get a full 90-day list of viewers so that we can look on the profiles of people who viewed our profile.

  • Whenever you apply for a job then your application will appear on the top among all job applicants.

  • You can contact anyone by Inmail who had seen your LinkedIn profile.

  • With the help of Premium Business, we can get extra information about businesses and also get the searches of unlimited people.

  • We will get the access to learning videos according to our demand and interest.

  • By the help of Sales Navigator Pro, we can increase the social selling of our company’s product.

With Recruiter Lite we can search for the talented people with the use of eight premium filters in order to hire the right candidate with all the required qualifications.

Now we will go in depth of these features that we will get in LinkedIn premium.

#1 Applicant will be featured

When someone applies for a job vacancy then at that time you didn’t know about your competitors who had applied for the same position. With this feature, your job application will be displayed on the top of the list among all other no-premium job applicants. Recruiters mainly look on the top applicants among the list of 500 or 1000 applicants and it doesn’t matter that you are meeting the required qualification or not but if your application is not displaying on the top of the list then you even get a message. So if we want our application on the top then we should go for the Premium Career Plan and by this whenever we apply for a job application then our profile will be displayed on the top among the other job seekers. With this feature, we will get the extra benefits and also our chances of getting a job will be high.

#2 Profile will always open

In free subscription of LinkedIn, it is hard to send the direct message to someone who is not in your LinkedIn network. By this feature, your LinkedIn profile will be open for all the people who are not connected with you or who are not in your LinkedIn connections. This feature helps us to send open profile messages to the premium accounts of LinkedIn. With this, we can approach any client or customer for our company. We also promote our business with the help of this feature. It is like email marketing in which we promote businesses by sending emails to customers.

#3  Viewers of your profile

When we open our LinkedIn profile then we get a notification that your profile has been viewed. But in free subscription, we can’t see the person who recently viewed your LinkedIn profile. By this feature, you can see the people who viewed your profile and who is interested in your profile. You can also add them to your LinkedIn connections.

#4 InMail Messages

InMail is the best feature of LinkedIn premium. In business, it is important to search for the investments and before this, the most important thing is to search for the right investors. LinkedIn InMail feature allows us to search for the different people who are not in your connection. Like if you want investor then you can search for the famous angel investors in the LinkedIn and can send a message directly with InMail. But you can’t send unlimited messages by InMail. In Premium Career Plan you will only 5 InMails/month. This number is less because LinkedIn protects users from any spamming.

#5 E-learning

Sometimes we don’t possess all the requirements for a job application and because of that we couldn’t able to get the job. With the help of LinkedIn E-learning, we can learn different things and can improve our skills. LinkedIn E-learning offers different courses according to your interests and job function.

#6 Applicant and Job-related insights 

We can check our potential with the help of Insights on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn premium, we can check our own insights to analyze whether you are a right candidate for that job or not. Whenever you apply for a job then LinkedIn uses analytics to provide your own LinkedIn profile insights. With the analytics you can judge yourself that you are fulfilling the requirements of the job i.e Do you possess required skills that company requires for the position.


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