Moz Pro Review and Moz Local Review : Pricing, Feature and Comparison


Moz is a software as a service(SaaS) company based in Seattle US, founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004. The company was started as a consulting firm for digital marketing but shifted to SEO software development in 2008.

Review on Moz

Before we start reviewing Moz Softwares lets have a look at its features and pricing.

 Moz Pro:

Moz pro provides you a complete set of SEO tools to improve ranking and search engine visibility of your website.

Features of Moz Pro: 

  • Rankings: With this tool, you can track weekly search engine rankings for your websites and also for your competition. Below are the few parameters you can check:
    • Global Ranking– Track keywords weekly for all big search engines in more than 200 countries.
    • Search Visibility Score-Represent overall ranking performance based on positions and click through rates(CTR).
    • Competitor Rank Tracking-Compare your ranking performance and discover your top competitors
    • Local Ranking– Track ranking at targeted Geo locations.
    • Mobile Ranking-Compare your ranking mobile vs desktop
  • Keyword Research: You can use keyword explorer to discover and priortize best keywords for your website. It is very easy to understand and provide an accurate estimate of the volume for a keyword.

You can analyze your existing keywords and get well-formatted suggestions and lists and also can download the sheet in .csv format.

  • Links: Explore and measure the performance of your backlinks, linking domains, and anchor text. Some of the other features of links tools are:
    • You can check how your link profile stacks up against the competition.
    • You can delete expired links and clean up the harmful links from your website.
    • You can find newly published pages within hours and capitalize on them while they’re still fresh.
  • Site Crawl: This tool helps you to find the SEO fixes which will result in better search engine ranking.
    • It helps you to discover crawl ability issues such as duplicate content, broken links, and crawl errors.
    • You can fix the issues instant full site crawl.

Moz Local:

Moz local helps local search engine and new customers to find your business online.

All you have to do is enter your location information and Moz will take care of the rest. Moz will push your listing to all major data aggregator. It will help you in local marketing and also you can monitor your listing’s status track the impact of location management on search engine results over time.


Moz Local: Moz local comes in 3 different plans, Essential, professional, and premium.

  • Essential: Essential is 9 dollar per month suitable for small and mid size businesses.
  • Professional: Professional is suitable for enterprises and agencies and costs 15 dollars per month.
  • Premium: Premium costs 21 dollars per month and suitable for enterprises with hundred to thousands of listings.

Moz Pro: Moz pro comes in 4 different packages:

  • Standard: Standard costs 99 dollars per month.
  • Medium: Medium costs 149 dollars per month.
  • Large: Large costs 249 dollars per month.
  • Premium: Premium costs 599 dollars per month.

Moz Review:

Moz has some awesome Tools that can help your website to rank better in various search engines but similar kind of products like SEMrush are providing much more than Moz, but if you are new to digital marketing and SEO world then Moz is the perfect option for you. Also, it gives 30-day free trial so it is definitely worth a try.




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