App Review : Braze – Introduction, Features, and How to Use

Braze app review

In business marketing is must if want success. Marketing is the method of promoting business on both online and offline platforms. Nowadays companies prefer digital marketing than the traditional one. There are many platforms where we can do marketing of our services and products like Yelp, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Marketing Campaigns and social media marketing which includes platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you want a fast growth in your company then you can go for marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns consist of different platforms like promoting business on Television, Radio, Print and online platforms.

Today we will talk about the Braze app that is used to manage the marketing campaigns.


Braze is the famous and most used app that is used for the marketing campaigns. It was formerly known as Appboy. This app is a mobile application that is available on Android, iOS, and Unity. Braze’s offices are situated in UK and US. It is the analytics software which is used to manage the campaigns and promote the businesses. This app also comes with the CRM feature by which business owners can directly connect with their customers and make more engagements on their company, and this will also increase the ROI (Return on Investment).


This application helps owners to increase messaging activities across different devices, channels, and other platforms. It helps to increase the relationship between the customer and the vendor. With this application, we can send funny push campaigns, company’s welcome emails, and dynamic content by collecting the customer’s data. There are so many big companies which use Braze app like Shutterfly and Urban Outfitters. Among the famous companies, Amazon also uses this app for Amazon Kindle.


There are many features of the Braze, let’s list out those features:

  • With this app, we can collect data from different systems and can store into the CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

  • This application sends automated messages across different devices.

  •  It will manage your mobile campaigns and also optimize it.

  • It will also show some analytics based upon the behavior of users and customers.

  • It helps in increasing the growth of your company’s brand and building the strong relationships with customers.

  • It contains the push feature by which it will send the push notifications to your customers to build a better engagement.

  • It is one of the best apps that provide sharing feature also by which we can take people’s suggestions regarding their own strategies that they used to grow their marketing campaigns. Braze app also shares your own growth methods to other marketers in the different areas by which they can get some idea about the marketing campaigns.

  • It provides different packages based upon your choices and betterment.

  • It helps businesses for setting up from SDK to marketing strategies to analysis.

  • It also uses different channels for email campaigns by which you can grow your company in a better way by using multichannel marketing.

  • It also contains the feature of A/B testing.

  • It also features role-based workflow and approvals.

  • Braze also integrates with many different apps like Amplitude, Foursquare, Gimbal, AppsFlyer, Segment, mParticle and many other platforms.

  • This app offers API (Application Program Interface).

  • This app uses Cloud for the better service.

  • It also contains different support features like Documentation, Email Support, and Phone Support.

  • Last but not the least this app contains contacts of list size from 25,000 to 1,00,000.

How to use

First of all open the Braze app then if you want to create a messaging campaign then go to the campaigns from the engagements menu and then write the campaign name that you want to enter. After that, we can add some variants by selecting different Push platforms like Android Push, iOS Push, Windows Phone 8 Push and others.

To add variant click on the iOS Push then you can add contents on the message box, we can add languages and we can change preview settings. After that click on the delivery option then a delivery page will be opened. Now in this we can schedule the delivery or can choose the action based delivery option and we can also schedule the delivery according to the time and date.

Now click on the target users then we can select the segment of the users that you can target your messages to the selected users. After that click on the conversions and now you can select the type of event and click on the confirm option, and click on the launch campaign. There are many famous business owners who use this app like Bill Magnuson, Mark Ghermezian, Spencer Burke and others. This app also includes news feed option from the engagement tab. We can create cards simply by clicking on the create cards option then enter the title of your card and you can also write the message, upload the images and after that, you can preview your card.

You can publish that immediately and can publish your card at the designated time that you had set. After that, you can click on the target users and launch the campaign. You can also check the usage of the app which shows the information about the lifetime users, lifetime sessions, monthly active users, daily active users, new users, daily sessions, and analytics. You can manage the attributes of your campaigns like if you want to change the attribute of your credit card holder from string to array then you can change this data type by simply click on the drop down of data type and set the length of the your data type, and can choose from the different data type like Boolean, Number, String, Array and Time. After that click on the Backlist and click on the continue anyway if you don’t want to edit more. We can also make some changes to the custom events tab by clicking on the custom events tab and can include different campaigns in the analytics report directly by clicking on the checkbox.


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