Google Launched A Family Link App In India


Internet addiction has been raised at an alarming rate these days. Google finally came up with a plan to prevent with family link application. Google is allowing the parents a way to control the smartphone usage of their child.

Well, the sole purpose of this application is to set some ground rules over the internet usage of a child to help them grow to learn and explore online. This application is meant to control the digital activities of kids remotely. It is a mere solution to keep child and parents in the same Android ecosystem.

As per Google family, a link can control any android based smartphone that is running on android 5.1 or higher.

It is a growing concern about children spending their entire time on their smartphones. As per medical research excessive time spent on smartphone alter the sleep cycles and bone structures adversely. The condition of insomnia is increasing due to this excessive utilization of these devices. It is a significant concern for their parents. Some experts have stated that the overutilization of these smartphones leads to psychological problems including dysmorphic disorders as well as depression. This is the reason for a lot of major psychological trauma. As a result of this growing obsession, children have become less social as compared to the previous generation. It is a potential threat to their social existence. Google plans to offer us an antidote or cure for this scenario with family link application.

Let’s explore more about the features of this application.

  • Guiding Kids with fair and good content– Using this application parent can keep track of their kid’s activities over other applications. This helps to keep a watch on the time they invest in each application. What kind of content they are surfing and exploring. This will help some important and strict decision making.
  • Tracking Location– This application is integrated to access GPS as well. It can help to track the location of the child. As long as they carry their smartphones with them, the parents can track their location.
  • On-screen time tracking– Parents can understand how much time their kid should spend onscreen and can set the regulatory restricting timer accordingly. They can even lock their kid’s device remotely when they should take a break. This will help to bring out their social involvement.
  • Aware of the negative usage of the internet– As parents can track their kid’s activities, if they are exposed to some illegal activity or negative content, they can shut it down right away.
  • Make them curious for knowledge– Family link recommends the necessary knowledgeable application that can add value to your child’s mind.

Now let’s know how to use the application

First of all, you have to download it from Google play store in their device. The family link application allows you to create an account for your child and helps to access most of the Google services. To see the activity of your child, you must also have the family link application. It also allows you to set the bedtime for your child. You can supervise your child’s devise with this application.

As I conclude Google is contributing well enough to the children’s mental growth and potentially pushing their ability to be better and smarter in every possible way. Google values the concern of parents, and by this family link application, they are allowing the parents to keep a track on their digital
activities of their wards. Overall it is an excellent initiative by a tech giant like Google and a relief to the parents. This effort is much appreciated, and awareness should be created towards this.


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