Ahref Review : Pricing , Fearures and Comparison With MozPRO and SEMrush

Ahref review

Ahref is an all in one system as a Software(SaaS) tool which provides data and tracks how well your web page is ranking on search engines. Ahref provides a toolset to improve your search engine optimization(SEO) efforts which will result in the increase in traffic on your website.

ahrefs review

Ahref was founded in 2011 and headquarters in Singapore. In 2011 Ahref launched the site explorer and slowly developed a complete tool set for competitor research and SEO and quickly became one of the world’s best backlink analysis tools. Ahref is a powerful all around SEO tool.

Below are few features of Ahref which provide information to power the following SEO efforts:

  • Position trackingSEO-Ahref
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page optimization
  • Content planning (ideation)
  • Link building
  • Organic traffic analysis


Ahref Features and Benefits:

Afreh provides a comprehensive SEO tool set with a strong database and vast feature set.Here are some of the features of Ahrefs:

Huge Backling Database:

Ahref has biggest crawling setup in the market. Crawling finds all the backlinks and mentions across the web. This is one of the prime reason why Ahref is so famous and become a big competitor for MOZ and SEMrush.

Keyword Explorer:

Ahref provides thousand of keyword ideas from its big database of more than more than 3 Billion keywords, which is updated with fresh data every month. Ahref provides data from more than 100 countries and gives highly accurate search volume numbers.


With this feature, you can get the notification whenever there is a gain or lose backlinks once you set up a link or URL for Alert. This feature also helps you to track your competitors link building.

Rank Tracker:  

You can track your search engine ranking for any keyword for mobile and desktop both. You can also download report daily, weekly or monthly basis. With Rank Tracker you can track the ranking of your keyword for any location. Once you enter a new keyword into Rank Tracker, Ahref will plot the full history of its positions on a line graph.

SEO Toolbar:

You can download the Ahref SEO metrics plugin directly on your web browser. Ahref SEO metrics plugin is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you are looking for SEO metrics and backlink count for your web page. You can instantly see them as you visit that page.

You can get page and domain metric such as:

  • Ahrefs Rank (AR)

  • Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR)

  • Ahrefs URL Rating (UR)

  • Number of Backlinks

  • Number of referring domains

Ahref Pricing:

Ahref is the costliest tool when compare to Moz and SEMrush. But it provides you access to 12 trillion backlinks, 4 billion keywords and 1 billion pieces of content. Ahref subscription starts from 99 dollars per month to 999 dollars per month. You can pay the subscription price annually to get discounts.

Ahref pricing

You can choose the right plan for yourself depending on requirement, budget, and team size. You can also start a free trial for two weeks to get used to the user interface and understand the functionalities.

Review of Ahref:

Ahref comes with a clean and logical interface which is very easy to understand and it is easy to navigate through the different sections. Ahref might be bit overpriced if you compare with Moz or Semrush but it provides the most extensive web crawler among SEO tools, Largest backlink database, Interesting and novel metrics like return rate and clicks for SERPs and Comprehensive social media share information from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest. With two weeks of free trial version Ahref is worth a try if you are looking for comprehensive SEO tool to grow your business.




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