Case Study on Crowdfire : Social Media Marketing Made easy

crowdfire case study

Crowdfire previously known as “Just Unfollow” is a social media engagement company which helps to gain followers on Instagram and Twitter. The company is based in Mumbai and allows you to find un-followers, followers, inactive users, fans, and people who will follow back for the enhanced online presence for your business. This app is used by more than one crore creators or sellers. Crowdfire allows you to schedule posts for Instagram or sends automated direct messages on Twitter.

crowdfire case study

How can Crowdfire help you:

As stated earlier Crowdfire helps to gain followers on Instagram and Twitter. Let us have an overview of how it works.

  • First Crowdfire helps you to check the relationship between any two Twitter/Instagram accounts
  • Keep track of how your social media updates affect your follower/unfollower stats
  • Finding relevant users to follow using our insightful “Copy Followers” feature (Twitter only)
  • Find inactive users and your unfollowers – unfollow them if you wish to
  • Schedule posts on Instagram.crowdfire case study


    How Crowdfire Works:

Step 1: Crowdfire connects and analyzes all your accounts. Crowdfire asks you what you want to be famous for, and connect your website, blogs and social accounts.

Step 2: Crowdfire monitors your accounts in real-time and figures exactly how you can grow. 

Step 3: Crowdfire ask you to do some few quick tasks every day which are personalized to your goals which will be targeted to more visitors and more sales.

Step 4: Crowdfire will help you post new content every day.

Step 5: Crowdfire schedule your posts across your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and more at the best time to get more of your fans to see your posts.

Crowdfire Pricing Plans:

Crowdfire subscription plans range from zero to 199.99 dollars per month. Below are the different subscription plans of Crowdfire.

Free: You can start using Crowdfire for free. In free subscription, you can link one social media account either Instagram or Twitter and Whitelist or Blacklist up to 50 members.

Pluto Plan: In Pluto plan, you can link both Instagram and Twitter account and Whitelist or Blacklist up to ten thousand members. You can get unlimited numbers of follows/unfollow on Crowdfire. It costs you 9.99 dollars per month.

Earth Plan: Earth Plan is for 19.99 dollars per month and you can use all the feature from Pluto plan plus you can link 5 accounts and can be used by 2 team members.

Neptune Plan: Neptune Plan costs you 59.99 dollars per month and allows you to link 20 accounts with usage up to 3 members apart from all the features of Earth plan.

Jupiter Plan: Apart from all the feature of Neptune plan you can link 100 more accounts and 5 team members can use Crowdfire through this plan. This plan is for 199.99 dollars per month.

crowdfire pricing

You can Sign-in into Crowdfire directly from your Twitter account and start using it basic account which is free of cost and start the task of increasing your followers. You can either download the mobile application available for both iPhone and Android or you can access it through the website.

Crowdfire Mobile app

Crowdfire for E-commerce:

Crowdfire can bring more traffic to your online shop on Etsy, Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce etc by intelligently picking trending products and creating beautiful posts featuring them. It promotes your products to potential customers every day. CrowdFire can also help you to get more traffic to your blog, video, and portfolio etc.




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