App Review: Qwaya – Features, Benefits, and Pricing

qwaya review

Marketing is the most important part of any enterprise. Without marketing, you can never grow your business. If your marketing strategy is perfect then your business will grow faster. Nowadays digital marketing is the most famous and advanced method of marketing. You can promote your business on the online platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp and many more. You can promote your business by affiliate marketing that means promoting your business on famous websites and blogs. One of the top methods of promoting a business is creating advertisement campaigns which are the best source to promote a company and their services. Among the different platforms, Facebook is the most popular social media platform with over 2.19 billion users. But when we think about the best tool for creating Facebook advertisements by which we can attract more users to our website and can also increase the ranking of our website in the Google rankings.

Now we’ll discuss the Qwaya app and we will look at the features, their pricing and the most important factor is the review from the audience.


Qwaya is the best app for promoting the businesses by creating marketing campaigns. Qwaya is the Facebook advertisement tool for creating the marketing campaigns using Facebook Ad Tool. This tool is used to create marketing campaigns and can promote your small & medium sized enterprises.


Qwaya helps us to improve our company’s search results to increase web traffic to your website using Facebook advertisement tool. This software also uses Google Analytics Integration to search for the target audience for your website in order to increase the network and making our advertisement & marketing campaigns more successful.

How to create Advertisements with Qwaya?

You need to first click on the create ads from the menu at the top. There are many templates available in this application, you can use these templates in your advertisements or campaigns and you can also make your own template for the ads. We can also customize the templates that are available in Qwaya. In this you don’t need to upload one image for several times, you need to upload a picture for once and it will be connected with the advertisement template and whenever we want any variations we can directly edit into the template.

Benefits of Qwaya

  • Qwaya can test all type of advertisements like Newsfeed advertisements that are used for your website and Mobile app install advertisements.

  • Qwaya provides us different tracking URLs by the help of Google Analytics but we can also create our own tracking URLs using advertisement set, variables, and marketing campaigns.

  • You can also organize your Facebook’ advertisement information like advertisement accounts, Company pages, Events and many more.


Let’s first list the features of Qwaya app and then we’ll discuss some features.

  • A/B testing for users

  • A/B testing for ads

  • Facebook assets

  • Templates

  • Building URLs

  • Automatic Creation of Campaigns

Let’s discuss in brief…

  • Ad Scheduler is a very useful feature for those who want to schedule their marketing campaigns according to a specific time.

  • Campaign and Advertisement rules are the rules by which we can limit the ad campaigns to make it more effective.

  • Ad Rotation is the most important feature by which we can run those ad variations according to our choice.

  • URL Builder is very beneficial for those who want to make custom tracking URLs and we can also create our own tracking keys and can select different variables. You need click on the Generate Ads to open campaigns settings popup and then click on the tracking settings tab, and now you can create your own custom tracking URLs. In URL builder you can also see your URL’s destination by clicking on the My Campaigns tab.

  • Excel Report is one of the top features by which we can export our spreadsheets into the Qwaya. With this, we can work with files on which we have already worked on our systems. In Qwaya we have two file formats i.e .xlsx and .csv according to which we can export our files.

  • Campaign Organizer is among the best features of Qwaya application where we can easily organize our advertisement campaigns to make our marketing campaign more accurate and impressive. In this, we also have one more feature i.e Drag and Drop feature by which we can view our ads in a comprehensive way.

  • Split Testing is the best feature for those who have less time and who are always in a hurry. With this application, we can create individual advertisement campaigns for Facebook according to your target audience.

  • Multi-Product Ads is used to add more products in a single advertisement campaign and by this, you can make more sales and can easily grow customers.

Training sessions are very important before making any marketing campaign. It is must to learn something about making an advertisement so that we can make campaigns more impressive and can attract more users to our website with the help of marketing campaigns. Qwaya application provides you training webinars with every premium plans. From training, we will learn something new about this platform.


There are three plans available in Qwaya:

qwaya pricing

  • Premium Plan costs you $149/month for 1 user with Unlimited Facebook Ads and Unlimited Facebook users.

  • Business Plan costs you $249/month for 5 users with all facilities of Premium Plan.

  • Agency Plan costs you $349/month for 10 users with all the facilities.


Many users prefer this software as the best software for creating Facebook marketing campaigns. According to some reviews, the average rating for this software is 4.5 stars out of 5 which are really good. There are many famous companies like Royal Design, iZettle and North Social who prefer this software as the best tool for marketing campaigns. This application is very useful for small and medium-sized companies who promote their businesses on the digital platforms to grow their network, customers, sales and traffic of their websites.



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