Review Of Majestic SEO : Feature, Pricing and Competitors


Majestic SEO provides an SEO toolkit for your website so that your website does not get lost in millions of another similar kind of websites. Majestic is a trading name of Majestic-12 Ltd, registered in Birmingham, England. Majestic has created a world’s largest commercial link database which used by SEO agencies, New Media Specialists, Affiliate Managers and online Marketing experts to create strong search engine optimization techniques like Link building, Website Traffic development, Competitor analysis and News Monitoring.


How Majestic SEO can Help You:

Basically Majestic is a backlink analysis platform and we all know the importance of backlinks in search engine optimization and how it goes into determining how well you rank in the search engines for any given keyword. Here are few services of Majestic SEO that can help you.

  • It tells you the number of backlinks pointing to the site and number of referring domains pointing to the site.
  • It will also Analyze the backlinks of a competing site/page that you want to outrank
  • Majestic can help you find the  potential sources of backlinks for your own site/client sites
  • Helps you to find out Broken links pointing to your website.
  • Guide your SEO efforts in order to bring in more traffic from search engines

Majestic’s Components:

Majestic Site Explorer:

This is the main component of Majestic SEO tool and it is very easy to use. You just have to copy your domain address and the tool will give you the marks on following metrics.

  • Citation Flow: a score of the number of backlinks (or citations)
  • Trust Flow: the quality of backlinks essentially
  • Topical Trust Flow: the significance of a site by industry.

The same kind of service is provided by MozPro and SEMrush also with the name of Domain Authority and Page Authority or Domain and Trust score.

Majestic gives you score from out of 100 for these 3 metrics depending on backlinks (external) and referring domains, IPs, and subnets.

Backlink Comparison Tool:

Majestic provides four kinds of backlink comparison tools named Bulk Backlink Checker, Compare Tool, Link Profile Fight, and Campaigns. Let us talk about them one by one.

Bulk Backlink Checker:

This tool helps its users with statistics about the site’s backlinks.Bulk Backlink Checker pulls the information quickly and allows you to enter 400 URLs. It shows metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, backlink count and referring domain count.

Compare Tool:

Compare tool allows you to compare 10 domains side by side. It gives you a graphical view to compare sites easily. It compares the sites on same three metrics as Bulk Backlink Checker.

Link Profile Flight:

This is another kind of comparison tool which shows a graph that plots Citation Flow versus Trust Flow. It gives you an individual graph for each URL which can help you to outrank your competitors.



Campaigns is the new feature added by Majestic and it provides more detailed reports on the metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, backlink count and referring domain count.

Clique Hunter:

Clique Hunter provides you a great way to find new backlink opportunities. Basically, it compares different domains and shows what sites are backlinking to more than one site you are analyzing.

There are many such features provided by Majestic for strong link building, keyword research, and comparison with competitors.

Review of Majestic SEO:

Basically, if you compare Majestic SEO with other SEO tools in the market like MozPro, SEMrush, and Ahref its focus is only on backlinks while other tools provide you a comprehensive SEO toolkit. But their backlink database is so strong it can compliment your other SEO tool and help you to create unbeatable SEO strategies.

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