Review of TweetDeck : How to Use and Alternatives

Tweetdeck is an application to manage your twitter account. It can be used as the web application or downloaded as a chrome application. It interfaces with...
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Custom page builders showdown – Divi vs. Beaver Builder vs. Elementor

Page builders are the recent favorite topic among the WordPress users that come with customization that doesn’t require in-depth coding knowledge. Page builders hold...

[App Review] easyUP- Async Video Standups For Teams

What is Video Standups? Before getting to Easy Up, we should first understand what does “Async Video Standups” means. Video standup is short videos uploaded...

Kraftly – The Perfect Destination to Buy and Sell Online

Isn’t it amazing that internet has changed the way most of the entrepreneurs are running their businesses? Well, it definitely is!  After all, most...

BuzzSumo Review : How to use BuzzSumo to find the right audience for you.

For any e-marketer, the most important question is “Where do I find my customers?”Now there are many online tools that show “ What the prospective...
Social flow review

Review of Social Flow: Features, Pricing and Benefits

Social Flow is a software company which helps in improving business performance in social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It was launched...

[App Review] Skippy- You Can Skip The Long Boring Video Into A 3-Minute Read

Most of us feel vexed to watch the long informative YouTube videos, and especially when you look at the 20-minute Ted Talks....

Google Launched A Family Link App In India

Internet addiction has been raised at an alarming rate these days. Google finally came up with a plan to prevent with family link application....
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How to make Video Capture on your PC an easy Affair?

Introduction Whether you want to record your favorite TV show, your most treasured music videos or capture videos from an Advanced Video Coding High Definition a.k.a....

Infusionsoft Review : An Ultimate sales platform designed for small businesses

“Gradual change wins the day”, says Clate Mask, CEO and co-founder of Infusionsoft. About InfusionSoft Infusionsoft a private company found in 2001 by brothers Scott and...

[App Review] WillStar- Innovative Approach To The Legal Bindings

WillStar, an Indian mobile application create your legal Will draft online staying at your home. The application assists you to write your legal Will...
With one touch on medlife get a doc, get healed at your threshold

With One Touch On Medlife Get A Doc, Get Healed At Your Threshold

“Clients don’t care about the labor pains; they want to see the baby.” – Tim WilliamsWe get...