[App Review] Audible- Audiobooks To Listen When You Can’t Read


Amazon’s Audible

Audible, an Amazon company is a producer and seller of audio entertainment, educational programming, and educational programming on the Internet. It is recorded as the world’s largest selection of audiobooks and original audio shows with ad-free.

Making more audible

Audible consists of audio versioned books, radio and TV programs, and magazines and newspapers of an audio version where you can download your interests, passion or even your favorite authors. The application is accessible only with closed software aka proprietary software, non-free computer software using username and password by Amazon.

The power of echo- Application & Features

The Audible app has the catalog ballooned with digital audio from entertainment viz., romance, fantasy, thrillers, and classic literature, to modern book and language learning, keep on growing its catalog. After all, it is the juggernaut of the world. The audio file it sells can be downloaded in tablets, MP3 players, Kindles, and smartphones.

The UI is clean and intelligent with intuitive design; experience is terrific. A user can find a sheer amount of listening and reading options in the app.

Enhanced features making everything exciting

Chapter navigation-  User once downloaded the Audible app, they can choose playback settings from 1 second to 5 minutes, and chapter to chapter. Can choose bookmarks, sleep mode, a button-free mode for continuous performance. The app lets you choose the material slow, quick or at a normal pace.

Whispersync- User can switch between reading and listening using Amazon’s Whispersync for voice. If a user has e-Book and audiobook versions of a title, the app facilitates to you to sync your place on both back and forth. For instance, if you are listening to a few chapters commuting home, you can pick up reading where you left on your kindle at home or any place. For this, you need to buy both the versions.

Differs in Amazon and Amazon prime- One can quickly login to Audible using Amazon credentials because Amazon owns Audible store. For Amazon Prime member it is free access to Audible channels with a varied collection of audio versions.

Listen offline- Users can download their books any time, anywhere and can listen offline.
Car Mode- Now one can listen to an audiobook while driving. The clear display makes it comfortable when your smartphone plugged in, tap the car icon on your player screen and viola you can enjoy listening!

Badges- You can even earn badges and record your listening habits including your listening level, time and number of audiobooks in your library.

Share in Social Media- Audible allows you to create clips of your favorite passages and can share on social media.

How to get the application?

Amazon’s Audible app is free to download from the Google play store wherein you need to sign in with your Amazon account and choose any book of your interests and starting listening.

Audible subscription services

Amazon’s Audible subscription starts with just Rs.199 per month. Audible India claims to offer over 200,000 audiobooks on Android and iOS devices. The application is still in Beta version. Apart from monthly membership, it also offers 6 and 12 months subscription for Rs.1,345 and Rs.2,332 and also offers credit at a 30% discount compared to the books at a usual price to Audible members.

The key differences with the India and USA subscribers are that the US get access to one audiobook + two Audible originals per month, whereas India is restricted to just one title a month.

Amazon offers credits where a user can use the credits provided by the Audible. You can roll over up to six unused credits for the next month if not used and can exchange titles even after you redeemed a credit.

Celebs read it for YOU!

Amazon in March 2012, launched the A-List collection, showcasing a series of A-List celebrities narrating the audiobooks. Hollywood bigwigs like Nicole Kidman, Claire Danes, Colin Firth, Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman, Samuel L. Jackson and many more narrated the Audible’s audiobooks. In 2013, Colin Firth audiobook of Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair was named as Audiobook of the Year at Audie Awards.

And from India actress Radhika Apte for Mafia Queens Of Mumbai, Robin Sharma, Ayesha Dharker and more narrated for the audiobooks in India.

From self-help to the Gita, Bible and more Amazon recreated the audible process to make every user gets connected and occupy themselves with the audiobooks where ever they are. The 23 years old application has seen many changes attracting many listeners around the globe with its features. The multinational technology has been called as one of the Big Four or Four Horsemen of technology along with Apple, Facebook, And Alphabet.


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