What is AdMob and how to make money from Mobile Application using AdMob?


AdMob is Google’s advertising platform to promote and monetize your mobile applications. Many marketers confuse Admob with Google Adsense but AdMob is exclusively a mobile app advertising platform designed specifically for app developers. AdMob helps app developers monetize their mobile apps by showing ads in their mobile apps.

Using AdMob the app developers can promote their applications through in-app ads and monetize their applications by enabling in-app advertising. It also provides intelligent insights into Google Analytics.

How Does Admob Work?

Developers simply need to sign up for a free account and install the SDK into their app. Revenue is usually earned on a CPC basis, though there is also some CPM advertising available. AdMob is not only available for Android but can be used for iOS apps.

AdMob is working as a mediation platform which allows developers to manage and mediate ad requests out to more than 40 third-party networks. This helps application developers to maximize your app monetization.

Requirements to monetize from AdMob?

There are publishers terms and requirements are given by Google AdMob in its official website(https://support.google.com/admob/answer/2753860?hl=en&visit_id=1-636580770761364501-2797487160&rd=1).

There are no restrictions on minimum traffic of apps also There is no specific language requirement but there are restrictions on Publisher Content like Pornography, violence, racial intolerance, excessive profanity, hacking/cracking, illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia, sales of beer or hard alcohol, sales of tobacco or tobacco-related products, sales of prescription drugs, sales of weapons or ammunition, sales of products that are replicas or imitations of designer or other goods, sales or distribution of coursework or student essays, programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites, or reading emails, any other illegal content.

How to start making money on AdMob?

According to Google, you can start earning through your app in 3 easy steps.

Create Ad-Space in your App

The first thing you need to do is to create Ad-space in your mobile application by creating Ad units in AdMob. You can also choose where you want the ads to appear on your App by adding the ad units to your app code.

AdMob will show Ads to your users

AdMob works with its own network and several other third-party networks to show highest performing ads in your app.

You Get Paid

The application developer will then get paid for the ads appear on their app through ACH, PayPal, Wire Transfer. Publisher’s share of revenue is 60 percent and minimum payout threshold is 20 dollars

How to Use Adwords to make money from AdMob?

You can use AdWords to create app install campaigns that display to users on apps within the AdMob network. Connecting your AdWords and AdMob accounts allows you to optimize your advertising experience. With AdWords, you can create universal app campaigns to advertise your app on Google Search and Google Play, YouTube, the Google Display Network, AdMob and more. Once you achieve more app installs, you can then use AdMob to show ads in your app and monetize users.







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