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Get My Parking– India’s cloud-based mobile application, allows users to search, locate and book for parking spaces.

Get My Parking or GMP is an inter-operable open IoT(Internet of Things) platform designed to connect different types of parking categories on to a digital layer, presenting it as future ready to meet changes in the mobility needs.

Is Parking a serious issue?

Parking is a significant issue in the uncountable population of a digital era, whether it is merchants, software employees, officials, drivers and so on. Book-on-demand cabs, dinner dates, movies and more are done through online to make everything clean and no hassle via your mobile. When everything is quick and productive why are we pushing ourselves to waste on time and fuel on parking problems?! Even we make bookings through online; it is reported that an average urban motorist is found wasting on an average 15-20 minutes due to finding parking lot space problems.

First move to make a no noise station

Focusing to transmute the parking industry, Get My Parking based on IoT was launched in July 2015 by two nerds- Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare based in New Delhi.

The startup company aims at providing parking analytic solutions to reshape the parking infrastructure. It intends to structure the parking industry by serving parking contractors like enterprise solutions, governments, infrastructure partners and consumers like mobile apps.

Chirag, an IITian and Rasik, is FMS graduate. Both met during a 15-day train adventure called Jagriti Yatra in December 2012, traveled across India for 8000 km meeting entrepreneurs and change-makers. From then they started working on Get My Parking part-time from 2015.

At early stages, the duo faced hiccups in terms of earning the trust of parking operators and clients, who they worked with never interface the modern technology applied created a bias in their perception. With diligence and shrewdness, the team finally made ardent backers prompting to their technology.

Chirag was awarded the best delegate at New York Global Young Leaders Summit under United Nations Development Programme, whereas Rasik is an engaging storyteller and been a TEDx speaker, Guest Lecturer, and speaker at many Smart City and IoT summits in the past.

GMP- A no noise parking solver

The Get My Parking platform features helps to search the nearest or available parking lots, book and pay, and navigate to the nearest parking spaces putting an end to the hassles of geeking at a parking lot for spaces.

This real-time availability application helps app user to discover the nearest parking lots and helps to navigate to the destination. The platform gives you a general view of all significant parking details viz., a map of locations, pricing, availability, event parking, valet parking and along with cashless payment method, advance booking indeed.

Fundings and Acquisition

With 65 additional teams, Get My Parking raised a total of $4.5M with six investors including BEENEXT and Indian Angel Network. GMP has acquired Bengaluru startup, Constapark– an aggregator for parking spaces in Bengaluru for an undisclosed amount.

The cloud-based startup company locking horns with Pparke, Parkwheels, Parkingwale and globally with the brands like SpotHero, Appyparking, JustPark, and others.

Awards and Future plans

GMP was awarded Amazon AWS Mobility Startup of the Year(emerging) 2017 in the Travel category. It has won Tech Rocketships Award by the British government at the UK-India Tech Summit. The digital parking platform earned recognition globally and appreciated by both Prime Ministers of India and UK.

The brand is a B2B sourced and uses SaaS platform for global projects. The team claims to have additional revenue models and verticals which includes government business.

The startup powered to mega events like Delhi Daredevils in IPL 2016, world’s largest event Simhasta Mahakumbh, and Krishna Pushkar in 2016.

With revenue increased 10x annually and processing over 22M+ Parking, 50 Cr+ worth transactions, 300+ locations(on-street, off-street parkings) and 700+ installations, the IoT platform acquired a leading application for solving parking problems for nearly 4 countries. It aims to expand to expand 25 countries by 2020.

Hacking the parking problems

The market opportunity for parking is scaled to be over $5 billion in India and $100 billion globally. Many existing solutions and several players have forayed into the space addressing these sort of problems.

Get My Parking through its innovation and leapfrogging the hurdles haloed seamless parking facilities to the users and many. It successfully connected all parking and mobility stakeholders on a common platform. The formula became a success with a dream run of achievements and appreciations providing smarter parking for smarter cities. It aims to create a future-proof parking technology by connecting the parking industry internally as well as urban mobility players. It created a buzz in the parking industry at an affordable price to any parking integrating a smart parking ecosystem organizing the chaotic and fragmented industry.

Now, BOOK and Drive peacefully. Get My Parking ‘parks’ for you.


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