[App review] MentionMapp : Introduction and How to Use?

mention mapp

Whenever someone plans to open a company or business then the most important part in business is marketing. All our hard work fails if we don’t do the proper promotion of our company or startup. Nowadays companies target online platforms for promoting their brands and services. They prefer online marketing moreover offline marketing. The Internet is the best platform if want massive success in business and for this people often use social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google plus for promoting their products and services. YouTube has made a benchmark in the field of video marketing, if you want to promote your brand then people promote their brands and products by making promotional videos of their brands and promote it on YouTube. If your video’s content is good then you will get more and more traffic on your website and it will also increase your product’s demand in the market. Among all those social media platforms twitter is the best platform for promoting and expressing our views. Twitter is a social networking and news platform where people communicate and post which is known as Tweets. Today we talk about the MentionMapp app which is used to manage the twitter pages of companies and individuals.

mention mapp


MentionMapp is the famous app which is used for managing and keeping track of your mentions and retweets on twitter. By this application, we can learn more about twitter and its network. This application creates a map of different users that mentions other users or topics by tagging them or by using hashtags. MentionMapp tracks the informal talks of users and create the maps of communities that are formed among brands and users. With this application, you can easily find information about the trending hashtags, post or profile. By this, we can use those hashtags in our post to get more influencers. With MentionMapp, a person who don’t have enough knowledge abou the coding then he/she can easily make an idea from the mapp that provides vast information about the different post, tweets or hashtags.

MentionMapp first upload the tweets of different users and then it provides a data visualization of discussion by which you can have the data regarding the most used tweets or regarding the most used hashtags by the people. MentionMapp is useful for those who are looking for the rapid growth in their business or website.

How to use

  • First click on the sign in option then click on the create account, after that, you have two options i.e you can become a free member or paid membership. After signing in, your mapp will be open and now you can go through the tools, and you can sign in to your twitter account for tracking the twitter networks. Now you have click on the icon MentionMapp then the main menu will open and you have to first close the main menu. In the main menu you will get details about features that you will get as a free member or as a paid member. As a paid member you can discover and research more & more. If you go for the free membership then you will get limited features but if you go for the paid membership then you can use the different type of features by which you can enhance your skill and knowledge. In paid membership, you will get two premium options i.e MentionMapp Adventurer and MentionMapp Pioneer that costs you around $9/month and $27/month.
  • Now if want map of different users then first input any name in the search field. For example, if have searched about Google by entering simply the name Google or use @Google and you can also search for the different companies and users simply use hashtags like #food, #inspiration, #entrepreneur, #football and many more hashtags are there which you can use for the better search. In Twitter, you can also look for the trending hashtags and can use those hashtags in your post. After searching a map will be displayed. In this map, you will all the relevant information about that particular company or person. The map provides information from the last 200 tweets such as 5 most used hashtags by the company and 7 most mentioned profiles of others. You can easily see each and every information by simply taking your mouse on the mid-point of the map and then you can see any information regarding your search. There you may see about the hashtags that the ‘#xyz’ hashtag is used for 30 times. If you want to see tweets then click on the edge line and you can easily see the tweets relevant to the company or a person. If you are confused about searching then you can go for the ‘Check these out’ option where it will provide information about the trending tweets, hashtags or personal post.
  • The best part of the MentionMapp is that you can save and schedule the hashtags for mapping by simply adding and saving the hashtags and then click on the save button. After that you can schedule your hashtags according to the time and date that was scheduled by you.
  • You can save the tweets and can create a snap of any tweet which you liked the most and after that can download those tweets.
  • In MentionMapp you can see the information about the users who retweeting the others and can also look for the users who are mentioning other users.
  • You can expand your search by using filters and for that you need to click on the hashtag filter and you can see below about the every single hashtags used by the connection and after that you need to enter the hashtag in the space field and now you see about how much times that hashtag was used.
  • You can discover more by clicking on any node in the map then you can see that a new mapp is made and you can track you searches, and also can refresh your current mapp for getting newer versions. You can also save your discovered tweets and can directly share to your profile.


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