What Alexa Ranking Says About Your Website and How to improve it?


Alexa ranking is something everybody is considering these days in order to check your website quality and popularity around the world. It is a single metric that provides a quick summary of a site’s performance and if you have a website and want to business with someone there are high chances your client will check your website on Alexa to check your website performance.

alexa ranking

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking of your website is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to others. Alexa estimates the number of visitors to your website through a complex calculation that involves correcting for biases as well as identifying and discarding fake or spam traffic. Amazon has made sure that the data they present is free of noise and non-human data so that they can provide the correct data for your website.

The important point to understand here is Alexa ranking of your website is not only dependent on traffic of your website but also how other websites are doing.

How is the Alexa Rank Calculated?

Alexa will give you the data of last three months by calculating the average daily visitors and pageviews to every site. The website with a combination of highest visitors and pageviews over the past 3 months is ranked at number 1 and the least will rank somewhere at 30 million. If a website has not been visited at all in last three month no ranking will be given to that website.

How to get more accurate Alexa Ranking?

If you want to get accurate Alexa rankings for your website you have to certify your site’s metrics on Alexa. Sites with certified metrics have their metrics directly measured by Alexa instead of being estimated based on information from our data panel. There are more benefits of certifying your website on Alexa like a more accurate Alexa rank, it will tell you 100 percent real traffic, better analytic reports, and you can Monitor Your Site’s Performance.

So now that you know what is Alexa ranking and how it works. We will talk about how you can improve your Alexa Ranking of your website.

Below are the several tactics that will help improve your Alexa Rank:

#1 Produce engaging and original content

Quality content is always rewarded by Google with higher page ranking. If a new visitor finds your content to be informative and valuable there are high chances that he or she will engage with your future content and share among their networks. Also, update you content frequently that provides real value to your audience.

#2 Get more Links from related websites

External back links are always very important for you website to helps search engines clearly define your niche and also increases the trust and quality of your site which will result to higher credibility of your website. If you can get external link referring to your website along with quality content you can improve your website rank both in Google search and Alexa Ranking.

Blog commenting is one of the easiest way to create backlinks. Here is the complete Guide on Blog Commenting and how to get you comments approved.

#3 Find Keywords that drive more traffic 

If you know how google search works you must be knowing the importance of keywords. By doing a little keyword research you can understand what your audiences are searching for and you can place those keywords strategically in your content for higher page ranking.

#4 Competitor Analysis

There are several reasons why analyzing your competition matters, for example competitive analytics can put your own site analytics into context. Also you can analyze what your competitors are doing right and follow them. All of these angles help inform your overall strategy and allow you to make more knowledgeable business decisions that will positively affect your position in the market.





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