Fintoo Enables Easy Mutual Fund Investment and Tracking Online


A single online platform for all your investment needs – Fintoo

The mutual fund industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years with everyone
realising the earning potential of this investment solution. However, this has also led to
an unprecedented rise in the availability of mutual funds by several different companies.


For an investor, identifying the trustworthy sources and funds as well as investing and
maintaining them seamlessly has become a tough ask. Resolving these concerns and
simplifying the process of investing in mutual funds is “Fintoo” ( A product by Financial
Hospital ). This easy to use, secure and robust platform is designed to cater to needs of
people from metros to small cities.

Launched on 3rd Feb 2018, this online platform allows investors to Invest and view their
mutual funds as well as monitor any transactions in real-time. However, investment isn’t
the sole goal for a secure future but maintaining the investment is as crucial. With Fintoo,
investors can transact easily and instantly.

Some of the features of Fintoo include:

  • Flexible investment options:- Investors can opt for a lump sum purchase to
    elevate investments or even opt for a monthly instalment through SIP with timely
  • Real-time tracking:– Fintoo also allows investors to track their transactions in
    real-time allowing for instant follow-up for peace of mind.
  • Paperless investments:– With Fintoo, one no longer has to maintain files of
    paperwork but can start investing in a paperless manner after completing their
  • Easy monitoring:– Fintoo is perfect for all investors as it enables easy tracking to
    ensure their investment progress is in line with their financial goals. No longer do
    individuals have to wait for hours on end at a physical location or on a helpline to
    know the status of their portfolio, but can assess it with a single click.
  • Family integration:– Fintoo also allows investors to add their family members
    to their portfolio wherein every transaction is automatically updated across
  • Intelligent segregation:– The intelligent segregation feature of Fintoo enables a
    systematic organisation of all investments based on asset and scheme allocation.
    With Fintoo, investors can be in complete control of all their investments and grow them
    in a consistent manner for maximal benefits.

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