Review of Sprout Social : Features, Pricing and Comparison with HootSuite

sprout social review

Sprout Social is Software as a Service(SaaS) tool which promotes communication between businesses and people. It is social media management tool which allows its users to maintain their multiple social accounts at one place. It has three basic functionalities publishing, engagement, and analytics which can help a company to effectively progress in social communication.

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Benefits of Sprouts Social:

Sprout Social helps a business in social media marketing, social media management, social customer service, and social media analytics. The tools provided by Sprout Social help businesses in managing their social media and social care efforts in an effective and efficient way.

With the help of Sprout Social, you can easily build your business in a better way as you can obtain authentic feedback that can lead you towards the betterment of your product. Sprout Social is that you get to have a well-organized dashboard, where the subject area is distinctively divided into six sections: Messages, Tasks, Feed, Publishing, Discovery, and Reports, that can help you in knowing where you stand with your customers and prospects.

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Features of Sprout Social:


Sprout Social has some really powerful analytic tools which help you see a clear, concise snapshot of your key Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter activity to track trends and measure growth.

You can create your custom report or use Sprout Social templates to learn more about how your followers engage with your content. It also allows you to export these reports to your system in pdf or .csv format.


This perhaps is one the best feature of Sprout Social, it turns your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram engagement into threaded conversations, all neatly organized in one inbox for your team to tackle, together. This can save your time and also helps you to engage with your followers more efficiently.This tool helps you to engage, tag incoming messages, join conversations, and respond to customers across Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Google+ and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing:

Sprout enables its users to execute a social media marketing strategy by creating, scheduling and publishing content. The Sprout Queue enables users to schedule content which It allows users to publish online content at a specified time, day or frequency, even when you are offline.

Image Resizing:

Landscape is a tool by Sprout Social which is a free of cost tool used for image resizing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and custom sizes.

Sprout Social Pricing:

Sprout Social has three different subscription plans. Each plan comes with 30 days free trial. Below is the pricing of sprout social

Premium Plan – 99 dollars per user/month

  • Complete Social Media Management
  • All-in-one Social Inbox
  • Monitor Profiles, Keywords & Locations
  • Tasking & Social CRM Toolset
  • Publish, Schedule, Draft & Queue Posts
  • Social Content Calendar
  • Group, Profile & Post-Level Reporting
  • Includes 10 Social Profiles

Corporate Plan – 149 dollars per user/months

All the features of the Premium plan, plus:

  • Tag, Categorize & Report on Inbox Messages
  • Trends & Engagement Reports
  • Team & Productivity Reporting
  • Approval Workflow & Audience Targeting
  • Campaign Tagging & Reporting
  • Competitive Benchmark Reporting
  • Includes 15 Social Profiles

Enterprise plan – 500 dollars per month, 3 users

All the features of the Corporate plan, plus:

  • Advanced Customer Care Tools & Reports
  • Advanced Keyword Listening
  • Build Custom Chatbots with Automation Tools
  • Custom URL Tracking
  • Store Media in a Shared Asset Library
  • Scheduled Report Delivery & Reporting API
  • Includes 20 Social Profiles

HootSuite Vs Sprout Social:

Sprout Social and HootSuite, both are one of best social media engagement tool in the market.Sprout Social and Hootsuite both license their products in three-tiered subscription models.From a design perspective, Sprout Social is much easier to look at and use. Hootsuite favors function over form. Hootsuite beats Sprout in Analytic reports and function but Sprout Social extra features like social CRM and audience discovery are also very handy.


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